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Happy New Rotary Year!

What's going on in your community?

We want you to share with us what your club and individuals are doing in your community. Each edition will have a round up across the district. So we would like to hear of your work locally and internationally since communities go world wide.
If you did an event to raise money for a cause then we would like to hear about how the money was used in the community. 
So get in touch by going to....

A nice, hot cup of goodwill: Buy a 'suspended coffee' and it's banked for someone who needs it.

Yes and Starbucks in the UK have singed up for this. However, it is not just about coffee the campaign is there to spread goodwill and help amongst those in need. Please help to spread the word and download a " Suspended Coffee" logo and ask the place where you buy your coffee to display it, even better donate a suspended coffee.
Click the link it will take you to their Facebook page to read some fantastic goodwill messages

Your New District Governor.

Jan Harris makes history in District 1100 by becoming the first female District Governor and heralds a new within Rotary in this area since she leads the way for more women to join Rotary. This is part of what she has to say....    "Welcome to the new Rotary year. At the beginning of each Rotary year, as you know, there is a change of officers at RI, RIBI, District and in our Clubs. New presidents will take their first meetings in the coming week, I will make my first official club visit and we will be away into another exciting Rotary year seeking to achieve the goals set out at our recent club assemblies.
During this year I would like to see our clubs grow in size and strength, I would like us to encourage equality and diversity, to welcome more women into our clubs and more ethnic minorities. In fact I would like our clubs to reflect the diversity of the population in our towns and cities.
I wish you all the best for the new Rotary year and look forward seeing you all soon."
For the full version of this message see the District website by clicking here….

Rotary Around the World

From polio eradication in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan to clean water in countries in Africa. Helping refugees in Turkey and Lebanon. Colleagues called to help with the flooding in India and closer to home The Trussel Trust feeding people in poverty. Rotary members are there on the spot and on the ground helping in what ever way they can. We will be telling you about this work and if you know of instances then please let us know.

Stop Press Latest: When hea heard of the floods and the plight of the Indian people in the north of his country our good friend Nischal Pandrey dropped everything and went to the aid of people there. A specialist cardiologist Nischal is on the ground helping injured families. A Rotarian really putting "service above self"

New Members are the Lifeblood of Every Club

What objectives has your club for the numbers of new members this new Rotary year? How is your club retaining recent new members? Let us know the answers to these important questions so we can share the ideas and actions. We have new members as follows:

Swindon Phoenix: Peter Newson transferred from Marlborough
                                   Phil Petts.

North Cotswold: Dave Goodwin and Bryan Sumner.

Bristol:                  Keith Rundle

Welcome to Rotary and enjoy!

Youth Opportunities, New Generations and now Youth Service!

Across the country Clubs are gearing up for the next round of youth competitions. Is your club part of this frenzy and do you want to know more. those clubs taking part please tell us and those clubs who want a piece of this action please ask.
Let's try and make District 1100 the biggest participant in this Avenue of Service. 
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