District 1100 eNewsletter #12
Friendship is the rock on which Rotary service is built.

We are encouraged to care for Rotarians and members of Rotary's extended family (spouses, children, and parents) and remember spouses of deceased members.

Also to regularly involve our family members  in as many of our meetings, social events and projects as possible. 


District Secretary's notices appear here, and like the District Diary, are on the District Website

Many Clubs change meeting times or cancel altogether over the Christmas period. Please check first if you are going to visit another Club.


Bristol Breakfast has welcomed two new members; John Leggatt and Sue Pietersen.

Lisa Bartrip was inducted into Worcester Vigornia. 

Don't forget to involve Sue Fitzjohn & the Membership team in your Club's recruitment. 


The 2011 event raised over £30,000 for Prospect Hospice. July 7th 2012 is shaping up to be even bigger and better.

The day starts with a 20 mile circular sponsored walk from Avebury Stone Circle.  A six mile family walk follows.

The evening is filled with talent as musicians entertain the walkers and public to an outdoor rock concert.

The event is jointly organized by Rotary Clubs of Swindon Thamesdown and Marlborough with the Love Hope Strength Foundation. ....


I start to get into the Christmas frame of mind when I don the Father Christmas outfit and head off into the wind and rain on the Stonehouse Rotary Carol Float. It's a delight to see the pleasure we bring people with our lights, music and collection buckets. But it is no pleasure wearing the Father Christmas beard!!

So now that I am in that frame of mind I would like to wish all Rotarians and their families and friends in D1100 a very Happy Christmas and a more uplifting 2012. Let's leave 2011 behind.

The first 6 months of my term have now been served. It has been a humbling experience to learn of all the tremendous work that Rotary does in this part of the world. I look forward to working with you next year. 

Martin Greaves 


The hierarchy of Rotary in these islands is proposing various changes to streamline and modernise overarching structures and organisation.

Information is on the District website with more explanation and a chance to discuss at the Mini Convention. 

Responses are requested by end January.

eClub GETS

Fantastic news that the eClub now has sufficient members to become a provisional Club.

Well done to Tim Mason and everyone involved. This will be the first eClub in the UK to be just based on a District membership.

The Club has held its first event which was a very successful collection that raised £300 for Zurich Cares & End Polio Now.

Four more memebrs are needed for the Club to be chartered so keep thinking of people you know who might want to get involved and enjoy this very different approach to Rotary service and fellowship.

In February is your club participating in the Rotary Global Swimathon to join others around the world to raise funds for End Polio?

The next edition of this enewsletter will be distributed around 9 January 2012.

Thank you for your contributions in 2011. Please keep them coming.


7.45pm, 10 January at Holiday Inn, Barnwood, Gloucester.

Full programme will shortly be on the District Website. Highlights include:

- Presentation by Ian Mean, Editor in Chief of Gloucestershire Media
- brief District Council
  - Workshops on Membership (eClub & mentoring of new members), Youth Opportunities (wide variety of young people speaking about their experiences on Rotary programmes) and the Proposed restructuring of RIBI.   

All welcome, especially newer members,  to find out about what's going on and learn more about Rotary.  

To be preceded by a reception for Treasurers (6.30pm - 7.30pm)

Conference returns to Bournemouth from 13 - 15 April 2012.

Usual range of fantastic speakers including Sir Terry Wogan, John Suchet, Loyd Grossman and Bryn Parry the founder of Help for Heroes.

RI President Kalyan Banergee will also be present and a wide range of high quality entertainment is lined up.

Sounds like a great weekend. 
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