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One of the best charities in the world.
It gets 4 Star rating every time. 

The charity evaluation website Charity Navigator gives The Rotary Foundation a great rating every month.

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) of Rotary International is our own charity and is one of the best managed in the world.

November is Foundation month.
It manages projects across the globe in the areas of focus, Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease,Providing Clean Water, Saving Mothers & Children, Supporting Education and Growing Local Communities. Click on this link to find out more.
ll of these objectives fall in line with the UN Millennium Goals.
There is one area TRF is making a significant difference and that is End Polio Now. Rotarians have worked endlessly and tirelessly to rid the world of this disease and we want to say a big thank you for your efforts.
On World Polio Day the PR initiative by RIBI and our new PR Company managed to reach on audience of 9.6million people in the UK through broadcast media.
Across District 1100 clubs are using money from TRF for District Grants and Global Grants.
DG Jan Harris commented, " I would like to thank all Rotarians in District 1100 who are making contributions to The Rotary Foundation whether it be in terms of donations of money or donations of time and effort. It all goes towards reaching our intended goals, so well done and thank you once again"
Contribution to TRF in the Rotary year 2012/13 reached an all time high.

Getting ready to flash!

Well fellow Rotarians we did it! We had our first ever ‘Flash Mob’ well ‘Freeze Mob’ in Worcester.

At 12.30 pm last Friday the 25th October about 40 Rotarians from our Zone 8 gathered outside Marks and Spencers in the High Street and we froze for five minutes for End Polio Now. The event was organised by the newest and youngest member of the RC of Worcester South Callum Davies. Since Callum was inducted in July he has worked tirelessly to make sure that this event happened.

As well as being in Worcester last Friday, I have continued my trip around the District visiting the clubs.  I have now visited 62 clubs since the 1st July. 

Our next big event is the visit of the RIBI President Nan McCreadie to D1100 on the 21st and 22nd November. You can join Nan, her husband Denis, John and I as well as members from all over the District for dinner at the Worcester County Cricket Ground on Thursday 21st November 7 for 7.30. 

I am now one third of the way through my year as DG, it doesn’t seem possible.
If you wish to read all of DG Jan's Journeys in the district in the last couple of weeks  click here.

Keynsham Chew Valley are into Baby Clothes

Not literally since they were collecting them for Hope and Homes for Children in Romania and Moldova.

On Saturday 26th October Keynsham Chew Valley were out in force collecting to clothes. Their President Peter Bishop said, " The response was amazing, people were so generous and as can be seen by the photograph we filled a car and more" The clothes are now on there way to the children and will be well used.
This shows that Keynsham Chew Valley Rotary Club are active within their community and intend to grow. Well done to them.

Rotarians are doers.

That is why people join this dynamic organisation since they want to do something to give back to their community. In District 1100 we are growing but not fast enough. We need to up our game.

Here are the new members joining us in the last couple of weeks.

Bristol Breakfast: Jayne Tucker and Jayne brings this Club's membership to touching 60.

Swindon Thamesdown: Trevor George Smith

Worcester Vigoria: Danuta Morvill-Poludniak

A warm welcome to these new members and we invite them to enjoy Rotary in their way.

We are now moving into the busy season for many clubs. Firework celebrations Christmas floats and collections in local supermarkets. These are all marketing opportunities for membership. Have a special Rotary Ambassador with you at each event to tell people about Rotary and leave a flyer with them to make contact if they are interested. After all is is "We're for Communities, AreYou?   E-Mail us by clicking here...

At least 22 people suspected of having polio in Syria - WHO
24th October. (Reuters) - At least 22 people are suspected of having polio in Syria, the first outbreak of the crippling viral disease in 14 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.
Most of those stricken with acute flaccid paralysis, a symptom of diseases including polio, in Deir al-Zor province are children under the age of two, WHO spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer said. More than 100,000 children under the age of five are deemed at risk of polio in the eastern province.
Asked whether the virus may have been imported into Syria by a foreign fighter, WHO Spokesman  Oliver Rosenbauer said: "The first step is virological verification that it is the polio virus. The next step is that every isolated virus gets looked at genetically to see where is the parent. Hopefully that will provide some clarity on where it would have come from."
Worldwide, cases of polio decreased from an estimated 350,000 when the campaign began in 1988 to 223 reported cases in 2012, according to the WHO. So far this year, not including the cases in Syria, there have been 296 cases worldwide.

UNICEF have chartered a plane filled with vaccine and food to combat the rising threat of polio and other diseases and malnutrition amongst Syrian  children.

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