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Yes it works
Social Media has played an enormous part in an event 

The World's Greatest Meal to Help End Polio was launched worldwide using Social Media

The use of Social Media recently has thrown a campaign onto the world scene.

The promotion campaign for "The World's Greatest Meal to Help End Polio" was launched on Facebook just before last Christmas. The group has attracted over 3,300 people to date asking to jointhe group. We then set up a Facebook page and the campaign moved to another level. To date we have almost 200 clubs signed up and many coming in every day now. We are losing count of where the publicity material is being used. The event has been picked up by our colleagues in WHO and the Gates Foundation as well as RIBI and RI. We now have the event endorsed by Ade Adepitan and we shortly expect Imran Khan to give it a push.
The participants cross 5 continents 100 countries and we believe almost 1 million people worldwide.
We have just got a new member to sign up for the event, how good is that? |For the sceptics amongst you Social Media does work and we think every Club should have a page since in the future people will look at Facebook pages rather than websites. Click on FACEBOOK above to see the page. If you are considering a Facebook page for your club and would like some help,please get in touch.

Second half of Rotary Year looks like being a great one.

It's 6 30 am on Friday the 31st January, so with a very busy weekend ahead I thought I should write my newsletter now or it might not get done.

The year has got off to a very good start with everyone  throwing themselves into their plans for the second half of this Rotary year.

We also had the new members meeting before district council. Thank you DGN Tony Horn for arranging this. We have almost eighty new members this year, it was a pleasure to meet so many on the 16th. Hopefully we will meet the challenge of one new member (net) per club. Don't forget this is a requirement of the presidential citation this year along with a few other things, these need to be sent to me by the 31st March. Please do this, you all work so hard you deserve for this to be acknowledged by our RI President Ron Burton.  Link to form -

This Saturday is the Young Chef final, Next week sees the Your Green Future Event in Stroud taking place on the 4th and 5th and the Youth Speaks final is on the 8th. You are welcome to come along to any or all these events.

A reminder, we still need photos of your events for the conference video which is shown before each plenary session. Don't let your club be the only one whose events are not seen by the delegates. If you haven't sent them already please email to Steve Davies as soon as possible.

If you haven't got round to it yet you can still register for conference, forms can be downloaded from the district website (only 5 weeks away now, doesn't seem possible. How time does fly. 
The link is

To read all of Jan's journey through the District click here

The picture above is from our good Rotary colleagues in Pakistan. It is the first time your editor has been pictured on a banner except a "Wanted" poster. It demonstrates that Pakistan Rotarians have taken this project to heart. Please join with them but don't use the banner.

Jan's E-Mail Address. Your DG Jan Harris gets lots of E-Mails but some are going missing. We think it might be that you are using an old address. Please note Jan's E-Mail address is

 An eClub event within the community

 Click 4 Action eRotary (District 1100 eClub) are hosting an event for people interested in learning about autism. It is on Saturday March 29, 2014 commencing at 09:30 at Uplands Schools Swindon. The last workshop was very successful and was praised by representatives from local business, police, teachers and the emergency services. The workshop aims to help and understand and explore options to help bring about a more inclusive society. Janice Mason, President of District 1100 eClub commented, " This year's workshop is open to anyone who wants to understand more about autism, by continuing to raise awareness, especially within the workplace, the more we can build respect and inclusion
This is a "We're for Communities" project.


The fight to stop polio in Pakistan goes on.

The picture shows our very good friend Aziz Memon signing an agreement with cell phone operator Telenor. Pakistan Telenor supplied 552 cell phones for aid workers to help them safely reach regions that have not been covered since 2012. This is the region of Pakistan FATA adjacent to the Afghanistan border and reporting the highest number of flaccid infantile paralysis ie polio. Cases of polio have increased such that this year so far they have reached over 90 as opposed to 58 the year before.
Aziz Memonn, a Rotarian has been appointed to work closely with the Pakistan Government on eradicating polio.
They come in the front door...

...and just as quickly slip out of the back door. In RIBI over the year 2012/13 we recruited 3,641 members. However, we lost 5,220 so the net membership is declining faster than our growth. Members in Clubs at District in RIBI and RI sit ruminating on the reasons and working out means of addressing this haemorrhage and we know there are no easy answers. Somehow each member and club must try to work out a way to recruit and engage new members and if you think your club has a magic wand then let us know.

New Members reported to us for this edition are...

Ian Cuthbertson………….Royal Wooton Bassett Town
Edward Ferguson……….Marlborough
Paul Kenney……………. Malvern
Dave King                          Click 4 Action eRotary

District Final of Youth Speaks

 All are welcome to come along to this at Maisemore Village Hall (GL2 8JE) Saturday February 8 at 10:00am, the intermediate competition commences at 10:30.
During the event prizes will be presented to the winners of Young Photographer and Young Writer.

The senior competition commences at 1:30pm and runs to 3:30. Rotarians family and friends are most welcome.

New District Website

Went live on February 1, as many of you would have noticed. We have to do a bit of work on it but it should be fully informational within the week. Th landing page has changed and it conforms to the new RI Website.

The next edition of this tome is due when your Editor is boarding a plane for Chicago and RI HQ for a week long course. We will try to get an issue out before he leaves so if you have material for that edition we need it ASAP.
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