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Looking forward to 2014/15 

A great District Assembly sets the stage for a new Rotary year.

Sarah Brown talks with Malala at the Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland Conference.

Spring seems to be here at last which much better weather over the past few weeks, let’s hope for a good summer.
We have been busy as always, we attended RIBI Conference in Birmingham over the weekend of the 11th -14th April. A great weekend with some very good speakers including Sarah Brown and Malala, what an extremely brave young lady Malala is. Sarah and Malala talked about how she now wanted to make sure that all girls are educated, and indeed that every child gets the opportunity to go to go to school
This weekend is of course the Festival of Rotary, ADG Sue Fitzjohn and our PR and Comms Chairman Allan Berry have worked really hard arranging this event and pulling everything together, thank   you to them both and everyone else who has helped. I will tell you how it went next time.

Philippines – I know you are all very anxious to know what is happening to our Philippine Fund. I am pleased to be able to tell you that our International Chairman, Jill Johnston has made contact with District 3860 and looking for a suitable project which may also benefit from a global grant. I know it seems a long time, but we have to be sure that your money is going where it is most needed and nothing will be wasted.

The Festival of Rotary in Worcester

Was a great success as mentioned by Jan above. the biggest challenge was to get people off the street into Worcester Guildhall and we managed it. A constant flow of visitors came along to see what Rotary does. The Mayor of Worcester opened proceedings and stayed quite a time. Worcester News came along and generally we got the message across.
A big thank you to all the clubs and their members who helped and manned stall on the day.
The pictures were sent to us from a German visiting club so many thanks to Peter Murz. We may also use his pictures for other things.

New RIBI Website launched

Above is the lower part of the landing page of the new RIBI Website. It is where possible new member enquiries will come from.  However, from 1st July, without a marketing budget, RIBI will not be able to advertise the fact that it is there. As a result membership enquiries could fall away to pre 2012 levels which were approximately 100 per month not the 400 per month they currently run at.

Another element of marketing Rotary to the general public is that they were more informed and made selling tickets and collecting for charity events that much easier. The telling statistic is that 50% of people questioned about Rotary knew of us. Of that 50% only 20% knew what Rotary did. That is just 10 people out of every hundred knows what we do. We have a bit of educating to do but alas that will not now happen.

 The District Team

Are here to give support and help clubs.All of the District Team have volunteered for their roles and have been informed and enthused by attendance at Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Assembly and District Officer Training. their main role is support of the clubs and members in their specialised field. Please call on them at any time to advise and help.
Their contact information can be found by clicking here


I bet it is something you have always wanted. This wonderful pin which is not being done justice in the picture.
To receive a pin, simply enter new members into your club’s records and identify yourself as the sponsor. You can keep track of your sponsorships by checking your profile page on Rotary’s website. And download the New Member Sponsor Recognition program guide to see a list of members who have reached gold-level status by sponsoring six members or more.
We are sure that members of the clubs below will be dashing to register for recognition with the following new members:
Monmouth : Roger Ward, Amanda & Ewen Brierley
Marlborough & District: Jenny Larson

End Polio Now in the News

The World Health Organization has declared the spread of polio is an international public health emergency.
Outbreaks in Asia, Africa and Middle East are an "extraordinary event" needing a co-ordinated "international response", the agency says.

It recommends citizens of affected countries travelling abroad carry a vaccination certificate.

It says Pakistan, Cameroon, and Syria "pose the greatest risk of further wild poliovirus exportations in 2014."

Polio mainly affects children under five years old.

The virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water, and multiplies in the intestine. It can then invade the nervous system, causing paralysis in one in every 200 infections. It is capable of causing death within hours.Information from the BBC.

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