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"Change is necessary simply to stay where we are" 

Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland (RIBI) President Nan McCreadie.

Another very busy week for District Governor Jan.

As I sit writing this the sun is pouring through my windows, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and having a lovely day.
The year continues to move on apace and we are as ever keeping busy.  
The Festival of Rotary took place on Saturday 3rd of May at the Guild Hall in Worcester. ADG  Sue Fitzjohn did a wonderful job organising the event and as did  PR and Comms Chair Allan Berry with the advertising posters etc. 
Tomorrow we have been invited for lunch with Jenny Ashman who you will remember speaking about Air Ambulance at conference and in the evening we are going to the RC of Cotswold Tyndale’s Charter night. Sunday I intend to sleep!
Thank you all for everything you do for Rotary and you continual efforts to help others.

Professor Gareth Williams

advised us to watch this programme presented by Stephanie Flanders. Watching the previews it is about the development of vaccine and where we are today. I am sure in conversations with Gareth that he would advise the production team to mention the involvement of Rotary.
We are now in a polio emergency
Some clubs have asked what they can do to help and that is being looked into now.

Young people in the News

On Sunday 11th of May the Rotary Clubs of Royal Wootton Bassett co-hosted the 2nd annual Rotary Youth Challenge Competition. 
We would  like to acknowledge the commitment of the Youth leaders not only for their dedication to their Youth groups but in co-ordinating the entry of their teams. 
Young Enterprise
A SAUCE that adds flavour to everything from fish and chips to rice, pizza and salad is proving a success for a group of Bristol teenagers whose families come from all over the world. This was the winner of Young Enterprise was the winner in 3 categories of the Bath and North Somerset Young Enterprise Challenge.
Ron Stagg from The Rotary Club of Bristol led Fairfield High School students aged 14 to win against some 16 year olds in the following categories. Best Team, Best Adviser and Overall Winners.
Ron takes them to the next stage with the West of England Finals in Swindon. We wish them luck.


 The Good News

We follow news of new members all the time and also of new clubs forming. there are two forming in this district and on the press release circuit we heard of another in Albrighton close to getting the required number of 20 members to charter. From speaking with the Rotarians setting up these new clubs they are free of the usual traditions of the more formal clubs. those clubs who work this are also growing. New members reported to us this time are as follows:
Cheltenham Sunrise: Charlie Horsey and Tom Kirkhope
Cheltenham North: David Setchell and Pauline Barnett
Cotswold Tyndale: Tina Lewis Knight and Roger Patrick
We welcome them into our organisation and wish them well with years of service.

New Lists

As we move close to a new Rotary year we create lists for the upcoming year and begin to send this eNewsletter. If you are a Club Secretary or District Officer you may get the eNewsletter twice. We will try to code them and ensure the old year is marked as version 2 with a forward slash 2 after the title. So if you feel moved to unsubscribe from a list please unsubscribe from the old list Version 2. Once you have unsubscribed we cannot reinstate from the control end. Only you can do that. We get notifications of every unsubscribe.
Many Club Secretaries send the eNewsletter on to their members since it is a good way of keeping them informed. We would suggest that is a good idea.

A video camera for RYLA

Andy Jarrett and his team are after the loan of a video camera so they can record and show some of the things the RYLA candidates get up to when on their course.
Click here to E-Mail Andy with your offers.

Rotary Showing Off.
We've just received delivery of 2 sets of Display boards for use at events. If you would like use of them please get in touch.

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