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It's official we have a polio emergency. 

WHO announces an official polio emergency as the virus spreads into the Middle East.

From today Sunday June 1...

..travellers leaving Pakistan will have to supply evidence of having been immunised against polio before they are allowed to leave. This is because the polio virus has migrated to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel and some of the former eastern bloc countries. There is now a definite possibility it will be carried into some of the western European countries. When speaking to someone involved in the polio campaign in a very big way recently he urged that we do not slip into complacency. We must ensure that the required number of children, between 90 and 95%, are given immunisations. It is a setback but we must not let it stop us from continuing the fight.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot announced a $100 million donation to End Polio now at the Rotary 2014 Convention in Sydney today.

Juggling family life and Rotary is not at all easy at times.

The first day of June and it’s a beautiful day, let’s hope this time it will last.
I have been out and about as usual but not quite so much Rotary, sadly my life was thrown into chaos Friday two weeks ago when my son collapsed and was rushed into hospital. This meant that I had to cancel all my Rotary commitments for the weekend. Thankfully he is ok, but it was very scary at the time.  So I am sorry I did not get to the Skittles final but will look forward to presenting the shield to the District Winners the RC of Gloucester in due course. I also was unable to go to the RC of Cotswold Tyndale’s President’s night, but sent my congratulations and best wishes to President Chris Whetherly, members and partners. Nor of course were we able to go to Jenny Ashman’s lunch party. 

This week sees the third Your Green Future Event in Worcester on Thursday and Friday the 5th June and 6th June. Thank you to John Pooley of the RC of Worcester for taking this on again, and to the clubs that have and will contribute both financially and physically. These events don’t happen without you.

An important announcement for all District  1100 members.

News from Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland, General Council
The main discussion was, as we know, to be on the Re-districting proposal. Some of you will know by now that the proposal was rejected by the General Council and it was decided that:
District 1200 and District 1100 will remain unchanged following yesterday's General Council. The Districts already re-organising/amalgamating will do so.  There are another five Districts in negotiations (which will continue) with the intention to reduce to three.  The Scottish Districts are going look again with their clubs as to whether they should reduce from three to two.  The potential for further change remains on the table for all Districts if future circumstances necessitate it.


 Volunteering with Rotary

The first Rotary Community Corps in the UK has been set up in Malmesbury under the leadership of Assistant Governor 2014/15 Ray Sanderson. 
Rotary Community Corps are a group of people who want to volunteer and use their skills to work to improve the quality of life in their communities.
They have 2 projects in Malmesbury. The corps look after the sluice gates within the town to prevent flooding and the current project is setting up a Foodbank with the aid of a church within the town.
We heard yesterday of another project involving Rotary Community Corps being set up in Swindon. This new project involves hearing loops.

New Members

Quite often we get to hear about new members and occasionally we get to hear about new clubs. New clubs in some shape or form are cropping up all over the country. New ways of meeting to suit members needs better are being explored by really innovative clubs.  Formalities are being done away with and some clubs are really hitting the 21st century big time and also bringing in many new members. Is your club one of the innovators, is your club changing to meet members needs? If so we would like to hear from you.
New Members this month are as follows:

Cheltenham: Malcolm Garrett and Richard Owen

Correction for Cheltenham North from last time it should have read Pauline Barrett not Pauline Barnett our utmost apologies.

The Trussell Trust and Tesco

The Trussell Trust have an agreement with Tesco to allow them to collect at their stores twice a year. the next collections for food are Friday and Saturday July 4 and 5.
They are short of collectors/helpers at 2 stores within District 1100. Stow on the Wold and Clevedon. If there are any Rotarians and friends who feel they would like to help this very good cause tun please get in touch. At the end of the collection Tesco add vouchers up to one third of the total value of food collected. So the more the merrier.

Get in touch with your offers of help.
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