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October 2021

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October is National Safe Work month, we believe that good training and workplace culture builds the safety attitudes we need to protect our people against complacency and minimise the impact of an incident. Don’t let the frustration of not knowing what to do, become regret.

Invest your time and money to create a culture of safety. We tend to notice that organisations skipping on safety measures, inevitably pay more in the long-term through sickness leave, compensation, and fixes after it is too late!

We are doing our bit committing to a safer work environment for Australians by sharing 3 focus areas to increase your workplace safety and engagement.

1. Train employees well.

Safety policies and procedures aren’t enough to ensure a safe workspace, meaning employers alone cannot guarantee workplace safety. Comprehensive training is a must for preventing workplace injury. Give your employees access to all safety training for their roles including basic first aid, use of specialised equipment and working in hazardous environmental situations.

Environmental factors affecting workplace risk includes:

  • working in confined spaces or heights;
  • exposed electrical wiring;
  • dangerous chemicals; and
  • vehicular safety.

2. Keep equipped, clean & inspected.

The right tools and equipment create a better product and a safer work environment. Machine malfunctions are one of the most common causes of dangerous workplace incidents, it is important that all equipment is cleaned, serviced, and inspected regularly.

Hazards unfixed over prolonged periods make them increasingly dangerous, make sure that you implement regular audits and testing of equipment. This includes conducting regular inspections checking potential dangers such as tangled cords, messy floors, and disorganised tools.

Labels and signs are a cheap and effective way to quickly communicate important information. Most signs are universal in nature and quickly convey reminders for hazards and using proper procedures. They serve as good reminders and warnings for even the most experienced workers.

Potted plant dropping outside commercial building as people watch

Preventable Injuries

Messy workplaces lead to unnecessary accidents, the top 3 common claims of compensation arise from body stress, falls & slippages and being hit by moving objects.

Prevent simple injuries by ensuring boxes are stacked safely, spills are cleaned up quickly and that first aid supplies are readily accessible.

3. #Safetyfirst mentality

1. Begin by adopting an effective safety mindset, this includes:

  • leading by example
  • allocating appropriate budgets for safety training and supplies
  • incentivise employees to value safety

2. Ensure that employees are genuinely engaged with workplace safety by:

  • allocating a safety officer, acting as the point of contact in incidents
  • ensure that staff are aware of all safety procedures for their roles
  • rotate safety officers to share the knowledge around the workplace

3. In time, make safety culture normal in your workplace by

  • regular meetings to review safety rules
  • openly discuss prevention methods to upkeep workplace safety
  • continually identify potential areas of concern with tangible actions

Stay Safe WA and remember #safetyfirst.

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