December 2019
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Greetings and Happy New Year! I hope you've enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to diving into 2020. For your inspiration this month, I share my yearly tradition for goal-setting. I can go a bit nuts with this, so just take what works for you ;)

With technology constantly changing, I've been getting my creative work onto some new updated platforms for your ease and enjoyment:

  • I have re-released my CD “Sacred Prayers” on all streaming platforms.
  • My online course, "Make Peace with Your Religious Past," on a new platform called Teachable.
  • My podcast is still available on the same platforms, but I am adding more podcast platforms all the time, so you can listen in your preferred way.
Thank you for reading my updates and supporting me this past year. I look forward to sharing more music + inspiration in 2020 and beyond!




“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” ~Bill Gates

That length of time is a bit too long for me, so I've often translated this quote to overestimating what one can do in a day and underestimating what one can do in one year. That rings true for me.

I am the kind of person who LOVES goal-setting and year-end introspection, so I usually start that process in September and solidify by New Years. In the past, I've been prone to take on too many projects, keeping so busy that I can't slow down to hear myself think. However, I've improved much in this area over the years and found a relatively good balance.

I've also learned about myself that if I am really serious about being successful with a goal, I need structure and support from an outside source. When I wanted to start exercising regularly a couple years ago, I committed to joining a class at my gym. Recently, I had some personal growth goals, so I hired a therapist. This year, I want to write a book, so I hired a developmental editor to help me structure my ideas and break down the project into manageable chunks (so far so good!).

My goal-setting therefore has changed over time. Here's my current process:
  • First I allow myself to brainstorm and capture everything I want to do/be/change/improve.
  • I then do a "life scene" exercise where I list out all of my current projects and or commitments that are taking up my time or energy. This helps me see how much capacity I truly have. What current commitments I want to keep or let go of ? How much room do I have in my schedule/energy capacity to add more? Self-care activities I've found actually increase my overall capacity.
  • Then I introspect on my brainstormed list: what's most important to me? If I had to choose one inner goal and one external goal, what would they be? I think about my "why" behind those main goals. Are they goals that I truly want and feel inspired by, or are they things that I think are expected of me by society, family, or some unrealistic standard? I whittle down the list to what feels most authentic, keeping note of any fears or negative self-talk that pop into my head.
  • Finally, I land on my top 1-3 goals for the year. The rest become secondary "nice to haves," but if they don't happen, it will be okay.
  • Once that's decided, I look for what structure(s) can help support me in successful completion of those goals.
What is your year-end and/or goal-setting ritual? 


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