August 2021
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Ben and I had the opportunity to go to a family reunion in beautiful Tennessee a few weeks ago. It was so good to see the Jamison side of the family after two years, pandemic and all. We ate well, played in the water, and Ben even did some water sports with his cousins at Tellico Lake.

In just a few days, we'll be visiting Kansas City for a joint work and play trip. I'll be supporting the Fillmore Festival retreat at Unity Village for a week and we'll see family, friends, and colleagues, too. Feeling grateful!

These past couple of months, as I've shared about Unity's new booklet, "Peaceful Passing," I've become somewhat of an unexpected speaker/advocate for death, dying, and grief community. See below for two more podcasts I was interviewed on with Unity Online Radio. The conversation has been thought-provoking.

I've had some opportunities to sing, too! I sang a summer concert with the music team at CSL Ft. Lauderdale and at a celebration of life recently. One thing I know for sure is that music heals. As a performing artist, it's healing to my heart as well to express and share my voice.

Thank you for your ongoing support!



by Cheri Jamison

During my visit with my stepmom in Tennessee over my dad's birthday weekend in July (the first birthday after his passing), she sent me home with my dad's violin and his wedding ring. These personal items of his inspired deep contemplation for me on my drive back to the airport. I wasn't sad, per se, but rather felt a weighty poignancy of witnessing something from beginning to end.

I certainly remember when my dad met Janet and when they got married in 2004. I witnessed their love over the course of their 16-year marriage. Just about a year ago, I flew out to Los Angeles for what turned out to be an end-of-life caregiving experience as my dad left his physical form. Now, I know that Janet has her own special ongoing inner relationship to my dad and she still loves him deeply, but the physical expression of their marriage is complete. I got to witness the fullness of that.

The only other thing I have to compare that to is witnessing the full life of my cat Rue, from the time she was a kitten to when she passed on at just six years old. I witnessed all of her life in that sweet fur body.

I mentioned this to a dear friend and she also understood that feeling. She gave the example of knowing couples who she witnessed fall in love, she was at their wedding, and now they are getting divorced. Whether it's the end of a job, living in an apartment or house, school, or completing a project, the completion marks the end of a chapter, or maybe even a "book" in your life.

This feeling is not something that we talk about a lot in normal conversations, but I figure many people experience this-- maybe all of us. It's perhaps part of the grief process, maybe not, but it brings out in me an awareness of the importance of being witnessed, being seen by another.

One of my wedding agreements with Ben is, "I am a loving witness to your life." Because so much of day-to-day life is private, quiet, and undocumented, it can disappear into the flowing river of time. It's comforting to know there's at least someone acting as that witness for me.

Maybe we has humans need that to feel we matter. It can be as simple as, "I see you. You've touched my life just by being here. Thank you."


Cheri Jamison was interviewed by Diane Ray on Unity Online Radio about writing for the Unity booklet, "Peaceful Passing," on July 21, 2021. Interview begins 2nd half of program.
Listen to the podcast recording
Cheri Jamison joined the "Voices of Unity" podcast on June 22, 2021 to talk about death, dying, and grief as discuss in the new Unity booklet, "Peaceful Passing."
Listen to the podcast recording
The Inner Circle - New Article by Cheri Jamison (Unity World Headquarters)

Cheri speaks to the power of spiritual resilience and creating sacred space while caregiving-- part of her story during her dad's unexpected illness and transition. This booklet brings peace and confidence to those who are preparing for death and those accompanying them on the journey.

Request your copy or download from Unity's website here: 
Peaceful Passing: Practical and Spiritual Reminders for the End of Life


Cheri singing in person & live online September 5!
Sunday, September 5 at 9:30 am and 11:15 am ET

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