Twisted Tree becomes Moon Curser Vineyards!
Moon Curser Dead of Night

If you hear a rustle
in the dark, just ignore it.

It's probably nothing.

To friends of Twisted Tree Winery:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official change of our winery’s name from Twisted Tree to Moon Curser Vineyards.

Yes, ... Moon Curser!

The name Moon Curser was inspired by the cross-border smuggling of precious metals that took place around Osoyoos during the Okanagan Gold Rush of early 1900’s. During that era, miners attempting to smuggle gold would “cuss at the moon” for shedding light on their illegal nighttime activities. They soon became known as moon cursers.

Osoyoos, the town where we grow our wines, is central to the moon curser story, and also to the story of our winery. The sun, the heat and the length of the growing season of our southernmost Okanagan Valley location makes it possible for us to grow exciting noble varietals such as Tannat, Tempranillo or Carmenere.

We are proud of the wines we make and the recognition they have received over the last few years. We thank you for your support, and want to assure you that our dedication to producing well-made, unusual varietals remains unchanged. We look forward to introducing you to Moon Curser over upcoming months.

Chris and Beata Tolley

PS Our website is now live - please visit us at !

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