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Sports Teams Should Monitor Athletes' Social Profiles
What does a man do 10 months after signing a $40 million dollar contract extension that included a $12.5 million dollar signing bonus? Would you guess “getting arrested on possible murder charges”? Yeah, me neither – oh wait, we are talking about professional athletes. For every Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees we have out there as positive role models, we also get Chad Johnson, Dez Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger…and now Aaron Hernandez...

NBA Draft 2013: Twitter Reactions to Top-10 Picks and Analysis
...This year's top 10 picks were a mystery up until they were announced. Expert mock drafts were completely off base in this chaotic first round. There were some good choices, some questionable ones and, as always, some big surprises. There were also a couple of significant trades within the top 10. Here are reactions to the top 10 picks...

NBA Draft Pick Arrives Sporting Google Glass
The future of the National Basketball Association showed up to the draft last night wearing the future of technology. Indiana University's Victor Oladipo arrived at NBA Draft in New York City on Thursday clad in Google Glass. He wore the high-tech specs during interviews throughout the day and on the bus with potential draftees, though he was asked to take them off during the ceremony...


Facebook News Feed Ads Generate 49x More Clicks at 45% Less Cost (Study)
Social has never performed as well as search for advertisers. That looks like it could be about to change, because Facebook’s new News Feed ads are absolutely killing it. And the metrics are, frankly, mind-blowing...

How To Turn A Social Media Disaster Into Higher Sales
...A few months ago, we saw Beam, Inc.’s Maker’s Mark brand tarnished by a decision to water down their whiskey slightly. More recently, Abercrombie & Fitch was hit by a wave of negative publicity when insensitive (and six year old!) remarks by their CEO gained new life in social channels...

Analyzing Facebook Apps of Leading Brands [Infographic]
...Using the ratio of MAUs (monthly active users of an app)/fan count of the page is a great way for brands to check engagement of their app. Check out this infographic from Neolane to learn more about social opt-in and how brands use it...

June 28, 2013


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"Full of emotions , would like to thank everyone that supported me through all this #draftdreams #5HEnergy #RebForLife"
Anthony Bennett - @AnthonyBennett
"The Big Stage!!"

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