PROCAD PLUS products

If you plan to upgrade your company’s PROCAD & AutoCAD software in 2016, we would like to suggest you consider the PROCAD PLUS products.

So what are the benefits, you may ask?

Well, there are many compelling reasons to consider upgrading to PROCAD PLUS products, including:

  • PROCAD PLUS products come with included AutoCAD OEM software. This one-stop-shopping simplifies license acquisition, technical support and upgrades
  • Saves on IT services by managing a single software product instead of two
  • PROCAD PLUS products will save you a great deal of money
  • With PROCAD PLUS products, you get the latest version of AutoCAD included in the software
  • By end of January, Autodesk will stop offering perpetual AutoCAD licenses –  the only option will be rental
  • Older versions of AutoCAD do not qualify for upgrading which means there’s no legacy value in your licenses
  • PROCAD PLUS can still be acquired as either perpetual or rental licenses

Still have questions?

Please contact us for details on how PROCAD PLUS products can work for you.

SPOOLCAD competitive upgrade promotion 

If your current pipe spool drafting software is not meeting your company’s requirements, here’s a good opportunity to upgrade to SPOOLCAD, a fully featured and user-friendly software.

To make your migration to SPOOLCAD painless, PROCAD is providing competitive upgrade discounts of up to $500. This competitive offer helps you benefit from SPOOLCAD’s productivity while recouping your investment from the old software.

Among other advantages, SPOOLCAD comes with included AutoCAD. This world standard for engineering software allows you to easily create and exchange drawing files.

Now that’s a win-win proposition!

Need convincing?

We invite you to explore SPOOLCAD’s features and robust functionality:

View Demo 

Learn-It Tutorials

If we piqued your interest, take the next step and download SPOOLCAD 15-day free trial.


We recently retired some older versions of PROCAD software.

Please contact us if you're considering upgrading to the latest version of PROCAD to get maximum legacy value out of your older PROCAD software.

Check out PROCAD demos

Take a look at our demos and see how PROCAD software can increase your design productivity:

PROCAD 2D Products:
SPOOLCAD  |   Advantage BOM

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January 13, 2016

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