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It’s that time of year – time for all of us to gather with friends and family and give thanks for what we have and what we have accomplished.

2011 has been a rough economic year for everyone and many small businesses have not fared well. However, we are very fortunate to have friends like you that encourage, support and motivate us to stay on course and keep looking ahead. And for that, we are so very thankful.

While we would love to gift you with thousands of Action Wipes to say thanks, we must remain smart in order to be here again next year. So as a small token of our appreciation, we are offering you 20% off on the 25ct pack of Action Wipes - now through the end of November, simply enter code "TY2011" at checkout. Please, take advantage of the offer – there are no limits, and as always, we’ll ship it free.

Thank you for your amazing support! And remember, enter code: TY2011!  (Hope your like our new website.)

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Meet David Lee
Meet David Lee and Kelly Fox - these two amazing athletes hand-cycled 620 miles from San Francisco to San Diego in 7 days as part of the Challenged Athletes Foundation on the Million Dollar Challange. Imagine how you'd feel riding low to the ground through dust, oil and hot asphalt. Next time you think you can't do something - thingk again! (Click on the image above to hear David's story.)

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