February 2021 News & Events

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February Luncheon Speaker
Trey Burton
"Managing Through COVID & Beyond"

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to extraordinary demands on everyone one of us as individuals, as parents, workers, and leaders. Organizations and managers were faced with finding solutions to unprecedented challenges. We will explore how managers can focus on recognition, resiliency, growth-mindset, well-being, and strengths for our employees during hard times. The ultimate goal is to have confidence in our ability to support and guide your colleagues to a hopefully better 2021.
As you can imagine... 
booking speakers and keeping schedules has become especially challenging during this time. For the most updated information, links to ZOOM, and last minute alterations, be sure to regularly check
Monthly Member Spotlight:

Get To Know A Bit More About The People Who
Make Up Your Jayhawk SHRM 

February Spotlight : Missy Dray, SHRM-CP
Board Member: VP of Communications, Website Administrator, President-Elect
Share some interests, activities, and desires that you have in your personal life.
Some people may not know that my last career was in the performing arts. I was a dancer/instructor/choreographer for competitive dancers, professional companies, and competition adjudicator for 30 years. Therefore, most of my personal time spends are related to creative outlets, or just totally face-planting and sleeping. When not working on my special skill as a professional napper, I do acrylic abstract art, crochet, sewing, glass and bead art, and spending way too much time with the longest standing relationship in my life…my X-Box.
Share some accomplishments, new developments, or pursuits in your professional life.

My most recent accomplishment was getting my SHRM-CP in August of 2020. I am fortunate to have an employer who has supported and sponsored my pursuit of the credential, and I’m also fortunate to have SHRM co-volunteers who acted as pseudo counselors in my recovery from taking the exam through a virtual proctoring portal that apparently hated me. After 9 hours (it was supposed to be 4), 10 proctors (it was supposed to be 1), and 1 massive headache (it was supposed to be 0) later, I was told by the portal (suspect I might add) that I had passed. I did not put stock in that assessment till I got further proof, but I made sure to update my business cards before they could take it back. While I would definitely attest to the benefit of getting certified for various things, I would just as adamantly state that in the future I will have no problem risking Bubonic Plague (let along COVID) taking a test in person at a testing center rather than attempt a virtual proctoring session again. Ahh…the things we do for acronyms.
When did you join SHRM and what aspects of the national and local chapters interested you the most?
After leaving the performing arts industry in 2015-2016, I went back to school and got my MBA. I obtained my current job at Landplan Engineering as the Human Resource Manager (and Marketing Manager and Office Manager) in May of 2018, and attended my first meeting with Jayhawk SHRM as a guest (and promptly thereafter joined) in June. After hearing requests at the meetings for help filling openings on the Board, I offered to help as Website Administrator in March of 2019 and at some point also got the Communications responsibilities iced on that virtual cake. I continued in those two roles on the Board in 2020, and then during the election for 2021, I was written in on the ballot by someone (not myself I swear) as president-elect. Because I am Communications VP and therefore the one who created the voting email and received the results, I knew I could just pretend that the write-in vote never happened and ignore it. However; the more I thought about it, I decided that if the rest of the Board was in favor of it, I would stuff those candles in the icing. Come to find out, another Board member said they almost wrote me in on the ballot too. They expressed agreement that I should accept the position (or didn’t speak up that I shouldn’t) so now you are all stuck with me for 2022 HA! I guess what I am most interested in is finding ways to make everything I touch a little better than I found it. I love the entire process of making good things great, and helping others not just navigate but thrive through change (weather not that actually happens would have to be determined by someone who’s interests are in navigating chaos and cleaning up messes).  
Now for fun!!! 
If you were able to create your own flavor of ice cream, what would it have in it what would you call it?

My ice cream would have in it all the nutrients necessary for life, zero calories, and I would call it breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.
Want to suggest a member next month? Contact and let us know who you want to see in the SPOTLIGHT!
Zoom Attendees Need to Eat Too!!!

You get hungry listening to our awesome presenters and we know you have been missing those awesome Maceli's lunches, so we have the answer and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. Find the new fields on the meeting registration where it asks if you will attend in-person or by Zoom, and your lunch choice (in-person, to-go, or no lunch). Select "Via-Zoom" and "To-Go Lunch."
2. Drive to Maceli's between 11:15a and 11:30a on the meeting day and either come in and have them dish up your lunch how you want it, or pull up out front and call us (a contact phone number will be sent to anyone who signs up for to-go lunch that day) and we will bring it out to your car.
3. Head back to work or home and enjoy that fabulous meal as we begin announcements starting at 11:45a. 
You Are Part of Jayhawk SHRM and We Still Want To Share Lunch With You!
If you had lunches left over from 2020, be sure to use that punchcard and get your to-go lunch when you attend by Zoom!
2021 Perfect Attendance Awards!!

If you attend every monthly luncheon held in 2021 by ZOOM or in-person, you will receive an award at our December Holiday Party! 
Potential Awards the Board is Considering...
  • Some Free Lunches in 2022 
  • A Discounted Price for 2022 Membership to Jayhawk SHRM
  • Jayhawk SHRM Swag (shirts, bags, cups, pens, etc.)
  • Gift Cards to Lawrence Hot Spots
Be Sure to Attend So You Are In The Running!


The 14th Annual KS SHRM 2021 Employment Law & Employee Benefits Conference February 16-18

The annual Kansas SHRM Employment Law and Employee Benefit Conference will be held February 16 – 18, 2021!  Given the circumstances, it will be virtual.  You can expect that, as in the past, it will be packed with useful and current information and presents the opportunity to achieve a significant number of hours for recertification.  From my experience, it is one of the most content  rich conferences and a great value for the money.  Early bird registration ends 12/31/2020.
~ Dennis Meier, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
   Legislative Affairs Chair

Go to the State SHRM Website to register for the EL & EB Conference HERE.


Chapter Leadership

Cassie Narcomey, SHRM-CP

Missy Dray, SHRM-CP

VP of Membership
Kerry Freel

VP of Professional Development

VP of Communications

Missy Dray, SHRM-CP

VP of Finance
Amy Mason, SHRM-CP

Past President
Michelle Spreer

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