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Town Hall Meeting

Community Turns Out to
Learn, Discuss Future of
Ventura Water

Thank you to everyone who attended the Town Hall meeting on November 10 to discuss the settlement to protect the Santa Clara River Estuary. A look into Ventura’s water future, the meeting drew a broad cross-section of the community - civic leaders, students, environmentalists, neighboring water agencies and business members of all ages and backgrounds.

Ventura Water General Manager Shana Epstein presented a long-range plan to eventually divert water from the Santa Clara River Estuary, where the City’s reclaimed wastewater is now released.The plan is the result of a settlement agreement by Ventura Water, Heal the Bay and Wishtoyo Foundation’s Ventura Coastkeeper Program to resolve legal actions associated with Ventura’s wastewater facility discharges of tertiary treated water into the Santa Clara River Estuary.

Looking ahead to 2025, the plan calls for 50 to 100 percent of the City’s reclaimed water to be diverted from the Estuary and reused for non-drinking purposes. How the water will be diverted and reused will be decided through the agreement process over the next five years or so. While costs will not be known until then, the agreement caps the total expense at $55 million, which could potentially result in an additional cost of about $3.50 per month per household through 2055. However, grant funding will be aggressively pursued to finance the program and expenses long-term may also be offset from revenue generated by reclaimed water sales as water supplies become more limited and valuable.

“This is true long-term planning, and is the best way we know how to accomplish our goals to integrate water resources,” Epstein said.

Among residents’ concerns at the meeting was the quality of the water that would be treated and reused for non-potable purposes in their living environment. Kirsten James, Heal the Bay’s director of water quality, assured the audience the recycled water would still need to be treated to standards. Calling the settlement “a historic turning point,” James said the negotiation “wasn’t an easy process … but we’re really excited about what we came up with.”

The meeting was part of a public outreach effort to inform the community about the agreement before the Ventura City Council votes to ratify the final settlement on December 12. To view a video about the settlement, visit Ventura Water’s YouTube Channel, and to learn more, visit

Rate Advisory Meeting #3

Volunteer Advisory Committee Reviews Water and Wastewater Financial Plans

The complex logistics of establishing a fair rate structure for all Ventura water users was at the heart of a meeting of the nine-member Water and Wastewater Citizen Rate Advisory Committee on November 16.

The focus of much of the meeting, Ventura Water’s financial consultant, Sudhir Pardiwala of Raftelis Financial Consultants, presented a long-term financial plan for the water and wastewater utilities that will be the basis of Ventura Water’s Cost of Service and Rate Design Study.  Raftelis, an industry leader in utility rates, is guiding the Committee and Ventura Water staff to develop a rate system that is fair to all users, from the apartment dweller to the business owner.

“The cost structure must be equitable and generate sufficient revenue to support our operations, debt obligations and capital replacement program,” said Shana Epstein, General Manager of Ventura Water.

For all aspects of providing drinking water and wastewater treatment to Ventura’s 32,000+ homes and its water-dependent businesses, it all comes down to crunching the numbers, reviewing the operations and capital budgets, and timing when to issue bonds (take out loans) to pay for capital renewal projects.

“We’re looking at the financial policies, reserve policies, and when and how much debt we issue to pay for capital projects,” Epstein said.  “Much of our infrastructure is aging and it is more cost-effective to replace pipes and infrastructure on schedule than be faced with higher costs to fix unplanned failures.”

All customers are encouraged to attend the next Committee meeting on Wednesday, December 14.  For more information on the Committee’s progress, visit

Did you know? If you live in Ventura, your water is local - 100 percent of it. Ventura Water’s only sources are Lake Casitas, the Ventura River and local groundwater wells.
Shana Epstein, Ventura Water

Property Owners,
Please Maintain Your
Sewer Lateral

Dear Customer:
On November 14, 2011, Ventura Water introduced an ordinance to the City Council that increases our authority to ask property owners to repair their private sewer laterals when problems are identified. (Private Sewer Lateral: The pipe that connects a home’s plumbing system to the City’s sewer main line.) Many times sanitary sewer overflows begin in a private lateral, which can cause costly damage to property and impact the health of the public and environment.

Currently, during routine camera inspections of our main lines, Ventura Water staff may notice potential harm like grease and root build-up or other problems in a private lateral where it intersects with the public sewer. This new ordinance will direct Ventura Water to notify property owners in this situation and give us the authority to require a customer to inspect and repair a deficient lateral, to prevent harmful and costly overflows before they begin.

In addition, staff is recommending that, prior to properties being sold, an inspection and notice of intention to repair be completed, so that new property owners are aware of the condition of their lateral. Properties that have had inspections within the past 10 years or were newly constructed (including the lateral) within the past 10 years are exempt from the inspection requirement. At this time, implementation of the point-of-sale inspection portion of the ordinance will not be until January 1, 2014.

The City Council will have a second reading of this ordinance in December. Ventura Water hopes this change will educate property owners (and potential property owners) about the value and the responsibility of maintaining their private sewer lateral to prevent damage and help keep our waterways clean.


Shana Epstein

Shana Epstein
General Manager

Rate Design Advisory Meeting #4
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