The first issue of Pipeline, the digital newsletter from Ventura Water.

Ventura Water Bills

Your water and wastewater (sewer) bill has a new logo!  Your next bill will arrive in your mail or email box from Ventura Water not the City of San Buenaventura.  What does that mean? The only change to the customer is that your check – if you still write one – should be made payable to “Ventura Water.”  Electronic payments sent from your personal bank or our free Automatic Debit Service to the City or Ventura Water will continue to be credited properly to your billing account.  If you have any questions, please call Customer Care at (805) 667-6500, Monday through Fridays from 9:30 am-4:30 pm (closed alternate Fridays, holidays and weekends).

Letter From the General Manager

The staff and I are excited to announce the new formation of Ventura Water and our first electronic newsletter, Pipeline, dedicated to the customers we serve 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  For over a century, the City of Ventura has been providing essential and reliable water services to our community.   So you may wonder why a separate organization been created for the same old services?  Ventura Water recognizes that our stewardship role has never been more critical in protecting our 100% local water.  Now is the time to:
  • Integrate all water, wastewater and stormwater by looking at all water as one unified resource.
  • Grow a partnership with our customers to protect the precious resources that are so part of our daily lives that they have become invisible in many ways.
  • Lead the community in innovative approaches to achieve unification of water resources.
As the General Manager of Ventura Water, I am impressed with the energy and commitment from the staff and the community to embark upon this journey.  Enjoy reading about our progress and passing along information to your neighbors and friends because you “heard it through the Pipeline.”

Shana Epstein

Tune In on CAPS-TV, Ch. 15, to view Shana's presentation to City Council about our Water Efficiency Plan on Monday, September 19

Santa Clara River Estuary Settlement

On August 17, Heal the Bay, Wishtoyo Foundation’s Ventura Coastkeeper Program and Ventura Water announced a settlement that will steer sweeping changes in the use of the highly treated water produced by the City’s wastewater facility. Currently between 7 and 9 million gallons are treated daily and then released into the Santa Clara River Estuary, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean.

The settlement outlines a schedule and a collaborative process, which will rely on the best available science to decide how much of the tertiary treated water can be reused. Since 40-60% of drinking water withdrawn from our rivers and groundwater supplies is used for irrigation, creating more opportunities to use this reclaimed water will help protect Ventura’s local water supplies over the long term.

Following public outreach efforts to explain the settlement to the community, including the potential financial impacts to wastewater rates, the Ventura City Council is expected to vote on a final settlement in December.

While the exact costs will not be known until consensus is reached at the agreement’s scheduled milestones, total costs of this program are capped at $55 million. Initial costs are estimated at $3.52 per month per average household until 2055. The different options to fund this program will be evaluated during Ventura Water’s Cost of Service and Rate Design Study, which will begin in September.  The earliest possible date for any rate adjustments to go into effect would be July 1, 2012.  For complete information, visit
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