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Ventura Water Pipeline Nov. 2013

"Can the Grease"
To Protect Our Pipes

During the upcoming holiday cooking season, we would like to remind our customers to be thankful for their hardworking pipes by remembering to “Can the Grease.” While it may seem harmless to pour your used oil down the drain, dumping any amount of cooking oil into the sink can damage pipes and harm our environment. Grease clings to pipe walls in small particles that latch on to each other, leading to massive clogs over time – in your kitchen sink and our collection system pipelines.

"Can the Grease" by following these simple steps: can it, cool it, throw it away.
Here are some handy tips:
  • After cooling, pour or scrape all fats, oils and grease into a metal can or glass jar, and seal with a lid.
  • Throw away immediately or keep the container in the refrigerator until full and then dispose of the used oil in the trash.
  • Never pour fats, oils or grease down the drain. They build up over time.
  • Hot water DOES NOT dissolve fats, oils or grease. As soon as these liquids cool while in pipes or sewer systems, they will harden.
  • Disposing of fats, oils and grease properly will save thousands of dollars in repairs in the community.
  • Avoid using a garbage disposal. Place baskets or strainers in the sink to catch food scraps and place them in the trash.
  • Dish soap DOES NOT dissipate fats, oils or grease. They will later coagulate in pipes and sewer lines.
  • Wipe before washing. After pouring fats, oils or grease into a sealable container, wipe the cooking container with a paper towel to remove further grease residue.
Special Note for Turkey Frying Oil: Used cooking oil in a closed container is accepted year-round at the City’s free monthly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events. It is recommended that you designate a container for the used oil before starting your turkey-fry, and carefully transfer the oil immediately after it has cooled. Seal the container immediately and schedule your appointment to drop it off at a HHW event as soon as possible to avoid spoilage.

Please Attend Ventura Water Rate Advisory Committee Public Meetings

Monday, November 25
The citizen Water Rate Advisory Committee will conduct its third public meeting at 6 p.m. at the City’s Sanjon Maintenance Yard. If you missed the October 23 meeting, all the materials and presentations are available for review at
The committee is tasked with contributing community input to an update of Ventura’s Cost of Service study, the basis of water and wastewater rates. This effort will offer community members the opportunity to evaluate future customer rates based on 10-year financial plans which include operational costs (water supplies, electricity and treatment) as well as capital replacement and improvement projects for Ventura’s aging pipelines and facilities. For more information and agenda items, visit
Wednesday, December 11
If needed, the citizen Water Rate Advisory Committee will conduct its fourth public meeting at 6 p.m. at the City’s Sanjon Maintenance Yard. For more information and agenda items when available, visit

Ventura Schools Honored For
Blue and Green Actions

L to R: Teachers Daniel Flores and Ricardo Pinedo, Will Rogers Elementary School Principal Danielle Cortes, teacher Kris Guzman and Ventura Water GM Shana Epstein.

On Monday, November 18, 2013, in honor of American Recycles Day, the Ventura City Council presented the 7th annual Green School Award for achievement in environmental excellence to students at E.P. Foster and Will Rogers elementary schools.   
E.P. Foster Elementary School won, in part, for the school’s efforts in the first full-scale recycling and food waste diversion program within the Ventura Unified School District, reducing the amount of trash bags thrown away daily from 44 to just 7.
Will Rogers Elementary School was presented with the first Green School 2013 Watershed Hero award, presented by Ventura Water General Manager Shana Epstein.  Will Rogers was honored for creating a schoolyard habitat with native plants requiring less water. As a result, the campus was able to cap and abandon one entire irrigation zone. Additionally, as part of the Midtown Ventura Community Council’s Adopt-A-School Project for 2013, students, teachers and other volunteers assisted in the removal of 500 square feet of asphalt to build a bio-swale that reduces stormwater pollution.

L to R: E.P. Foster Custodian Judy Melton and Lynn Harrison, E.J. Harrison. Not pictured: E.P. Foster Principal Carlos Covarrubias.
Please watch the Sustainable Ventura Video News Story about the unveiling in October of the bio-swale at Will Rogers Elementary School.

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Dear Valued Customer,

Next week is the nation’s traditional celebration of thanks. Over the course of history, this day marked the time when the agricultural harvest was completed and the people of this land prepared for winter. Today, our urban culture gives thanks by eating a feast and spending time with family and friends at home, watching football, going to the movies, or shopping at the mall. Following the big four-day weekend, our society has also given rise to the more modern traditions of Cyber Monday (all about buying) and my favorite,
Giving Tuesday (all about giving). 

As most Americans live in an abundant world,
Giving Tuesday is a day to remember those who have less. In the water industry, it is the time to remember those of us who do not have a safe and reliable water supply. While there are many organizations that help people all over the world obtain clean water, according to the United Nations, 783 million people worldwide still do not have access to clean water. In fact, this year’s 2013 Water: Take 1 Grand Prize winning film, “Water Collaborations,” was created to highlight a clean water project in Bangladesh.

On Tuesday, November 19, we also recognized World Toilet Day and this day reminds us of how fortunate we are to have a sanitation system, since almost 2.5 billion people around the globe do not. 

Here at home, there are a number of organizations that help those people in need to pay their bills so they can maintain this basic service. So on
Giving Tuesday, if you do not already have a favorite charity, please think of what organization you would like to support and consider one that assists people to keep clean water running or supports communities striving to receive safe water for the first time. 

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your winter holidays. The Pipeline will be back in circulation in 2014.


Shana Epstein,
ura Water General Manager



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