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Water Rates Information Meeting Is April 18 

Please attend a special meeting on April 18 to learn more about the proposed two-year water and wastewater rate changes and increases. The meeting is at 6 p.m. at the City of Ventura’s Sanjon Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Road. 

The purpose of the meeting is to answer questions about the proposed rates and the notice mailed to all customers in early April explaining their rights under California law. 

The proposed rates are based on a new Cost of Service study recently completed with input from a citizen Advisory Committee of Ventura volunteers. Some changes include a higher water service charge and revised residential water usage tiers. For residential wastewater rates, tiers will be discontinued and winter averaging will be used to set the charge starting each July. A new Estuary protection charge is also proposed as a separate line on customer bills. This will fund the planning for a water reuse program for the water cleaned by the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility and currently released into the Santa Clara River Estuary. 

Aging InfrasturctureThe additional funds generated by the new rates will support the capital renewal program for Ventura’s aging infrastructure and cover increases in electricity, supplies and water charges from other agencies. Following an outreach effort, the Ventura City Council will conduct a public hearing scheduled for May 21 to consider approval of the rate changes and increases. 

For more information and to explore the bill estimator calculator, visit or contact Customer Care at 805-667-6500 or 


How will the proposed rates affect me?
Two-year rate increases and adjustments are proposed to be effective on July 4, 2012 and July 1, 2013. The chart below provides a few examples of how the proposed rates will affect average customers.
Bi-Monthly Sample Bills
Your total bi-monthly bill includes all charges for water and wastewater services. The water portion is the sum of (1) a charge for the volume of water used, (2) a fixed charge based on the size of your water meter, and (3) a fixed charge for a separate meter for fire sprinklers (if applicable). For residential customers, the wastewater portion is the sum of (1) a winter average flow charge, (2) a fixed charge, and (3) an Estuary Protection charge. The flow charge for commercial wastewater customers is based on actual bi-monthly water usage.

CalculatorCheck out the Bill Calculator to estimate how the proposed rates may change your bill

Liquid Assets on CAPS-TV
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What Ventura Water Accomplishes:
It's Not a Drop in a Bucket

Dear Customer:

When you go to the grocery store and purchase all the basics and goodies for your refrigerator, all of your senses fully experience that purchase. You smell the oranges, carry the food (in reusable bags, of course) into the house, and eat the chocolate chip ice cream that night.

When you pay your water and wastewater bill, it is an abstract experience because the bill arrives many days after you have consumed the water or sent used water down the drain. It’s so easy to use water that it’s hard to imagine the effort that is expended to operate, maintain and reinvest in an infrastructure that provides drinking water to your tap and cleans your used water in an environmentally conscious manner. So, as we propose revised rates to the Ventura City Council and our customers, we would like to share with you what the money will fund:

Improve water quality,
  system reliability and fire
  flow pressure

Replace approximately 30,000 feet of 60- to 100-year-old pipes

Increase water circulation for six storage tanks

Rehabilitate pump station

Improve water supply for

Replace two groundwater wells

Increase emergency power capacity

Protect the environment

Replace approximately 15,000 feet of deteriorating collection pipes to prevent damaging overflows

Conduct additional studies for water use planning to protect the Santa Clara River Estuary

Improve operations and
  service to customers

Implement maintenance management system to improve customer service

Perform risk assessments to prevent disruptions by proactive planning

Cover increases in electrical fees, supplies and water charges from other agencies

Even though you can’t experience a tummy ache when you pay your water bill, like when you eat too many goodies, you do get a lot of good stuff.

Shana Epstein
Shana Epstein
General Manager

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