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The VenturaWaterPure Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility

Ventura Water Announces VenturaWaterPure Demonstration Facility

Sign Up Today for a Free Tour!

Ventura Water unveiled its new VenturaWaterPure Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility to distinguished guests on July 16 and opened the facility for regular public tours beginning on Saturday, July 18.
Ventura Water invites all members of the public to sign up for an in-depth tour of the Potable Reuse demonstration facility. Tours are every Saturday from 9-11 a.m. and are limited to 20 people per tour. Private groups interested in weekday tours can also be accommodated with advanced notice. Please sign up before noon of the Friday before the tour by clicking here or call (805) 677-4131.
VenturaWaterPure is a pilot project for the City of Ventura, which is investing in safe and sustainable ways to meet long-term water supply demands by increasing the use of recycled water. Ventura currently provides recycled water from the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility to two golf courses and landscape irrigation in the Ventura Harbor and Olivas Drive areas. Adding “potable reuse” purification technologies at the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility will extend Ventura’s use of local water sources - a proven, drought–resistant, locally developed and reliable way to be smart about water use!
There are many benefits of potable reuse in Ventura:
•          Locally controlled, reliable water supply
•          A sufficient supply to support the economy
•          A high-quality water supply
•          Reducing wastewater discharge
•          Seawater intrusion protection
•          A more diversified water supply portfolio
•          Increased water supply at a lower cost than imported water
•          Reduced impact on groundwater and river sources
Ventura Water is far from the only water agency in California seeking ways to improve water supply by leveraging wastewater resources. The multi-barrier water purification process has already been successfully used by San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange counties. Ventura Water has been investigating options for additional water reuse for many years as well. Studies have shown that potable reuse will have the largest benefit for Ventura. Ventura Water has chosen to partake in a nationwide study that evaluates blending options with other water resources prior to the delivery of drinking water to customers. Benefits in exploring this option include achieving a more diversified and sustainable water supply; improving water quality by blending ultra-pure water with high mineral content groundwater sources; and complying with the Santa Clara River Estuary Consent Decree because potable reuse enables the city to reduce the amount of treated wastewater discharged to the estuary.
For more tour information, click here.

Learn more about water re-use in Ventura here

Left to Right: Ventura City Manager Mark Watkins, Ventura Water General Manager Shana Epstein and Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann attend the Ribbon Cutting ceremony on July 16 for the VenturaWaterPure Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility.

We are Accepting Applications
NOW for the new Water Wise Incentive Program

Ventura Water and the City of Ventura officially launched our new rebate Incentive Program on July 1 and applications are now being accepted.  It’s never too late to plan a beautiful, new water-wise garden!
The incentive plan focuses on more efficient irrigation devices and a turf removal and replacement incentive when property owners install a low-water alternative to water-thirsty grass. Rebates vary. Get all the details here or call (866) 983-9232. 

For tips and ideas as you start designing your new landscape, visit

It’s easy to apply for the Incentive Program. Here’s how:
  • Complete the application.
  • Read and Sign the Terms & Conditions. You may pick up applications and Terms and Conditions at Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli St., Treasury Department Room #107 or Building and Safety Room #117, or at the City of Ventura Maintenance Yard Administration building, 336 Sanjon Road.
  • Include a copy of your most recent water bill. You may obtain this by visiting
  • Send documents one of the following ways:

Customer Water Use Down 40+ Percent in June, Keep Conserving! 

New figures show that water use by Ventura Water customers was down a whopping 40.83 percent last month (June) compared to June 2013, bringing us much closer to reaching our 20 percent annual conservation goal this year so far. Please keep it up!
The year-to-date reduction in water use by customers overall, by the end of June, was 17.73 percent, just shy of the city’s 20 percent goal.
Ventura is in a Stage 3 Water Emergency requiring customers to reduce water use by 20 percent. 

Continue your successful efforts at reducing water use and making water conservation a lifestyle! If we all keep this up, we won’t be too far away from reaching that 20 percent target in the coming months.
Ventura Water has instituted several mandatory water conservation measures for our customers. They include: sprinkler irrigation systems may run only two days per week between the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 a.m.; handheld hoses used to wash cars must have a shutoff nozzle; fountains must use recycled water; and hosing down hard surfaces like driveways or sidewalks is not allowed. (Using a broom to sweep is a reasonable alternative.)
Ventura Water offers free water conservation aids and on-site residential water surveys to help our customers save water. Use the New Water Calculator tool to help schedule your irrigation timers more efficiently. Learn more by clicking here. Please contact Customer Care at or call (805) 667-6500 to schedule a water survey.

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Dear Valued Customer,

With the drought, we have focused on every aspect of water use and pricing. Many customers are concerned about their wastewater bill and why it went up this year.

On July 1, 2015, the City implemented the rate increase for wastewater services that was the second year of a four-year rate increase approved in May of 2014. Wastewater rates are based on a fixed service charge plus winter usage capped at 30 HCF (1 HCF = 748 gallons) for a single-family residence, and 24 HCF for a multi-family residence. No cap exists for non-residential customers. The winter usage is defined by using the average of two complete billing periods that fall within the typical wet months.  This time period is selected in low outdoor water usage months to represent indoor water usage. In addition, each year as customers conserve, the next year’s wastewater usage charges will reflect that savings.

This year if customers followed the two-day-a week outdoor watering mandate or stopped outdoor irrigation altogether, any billing period would be representative of indoor usage. Charts and brochures explaining these rates can be found here.

The increased rates were recommended and approved because the City has an aging infrastructure that requires replacement and repair. The projects include replacing wastewater pipelines and the dewatering system at the Ventura Water reclamation facility. Reinvesting in our infrastructure is a critical component to providing services that sustain our community.   You can read more about the capital improvement projects here, and the wastewater projects here.


Shana Epstein,
ura Water General Manager

Attend the Water Commission Meeting on July 28

Ventura’s newly formed Water Commission meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli St. in Ventura. Interested community members are encouraged to attend these public meetings to become informed and participate. The next meeting is Tuesday, July 28.
Click here for the meeting agenda and packet information.
The Water Commission reviews and makes advisory recommendations regarding water rates; water resources infrastructure projects in the five-year capital improvement program; the integrated water resources management plan; water supply options; the Urban Water Management Plan approval process; a water dedication and in-lieu fee requirement; and other issues. 

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