Give Hope, Fight Poverty's (GHFP) mission is to foster philanthropy domestically by designing service-learning programs that engage US students with communities abroad and work together to educate, empower and lift orphaned and vulnerable children out of poverty.
GHFP is a 501c3 tax-deductible nonprofit organization.

Orphan Education Sponsorship!

In Swaziland, education is not free.

In fact, it is about $1 per day to go to school and an additional $100 for school uniforms, supplies, and shoes ($450 total).  In 2007 we met a group of orphaned children who were being kicked out of school due to the lack of funding and pledged to raise money for their school fees.  Today, you can make a contribution to keep them in school - no amount is too small! Because education is proven to be the most successful way out of poverty (Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof 2009), these children need schooling to ensure a brighter future.

*You can make donations in multiples of $25 on our website through PayPal:

*Or you can mail a check made out to GIVE HOPE, FIGHT POVERTY to
: 2436 N Alabama St, Indianapolis IN 46205.


TOGETHER, we can make a difference!

GHFP Volunteers Accomplishments in Swaziland!

Over the month of July, six US volunteers (Katy, Amber, Danielle, Nate, JoAnna, and Sydney) ventured to Swaziland with us to help us implement our programs. We are delighted to report that the team successfully completed everything we set out to accomplish...and more!

- 629 student eLangeni Primary School feeding program
- 630 student eLangeni Secondary School feeding program
- 13 child-headed household feeding program
- Malindza community needs assessment
- Malindza rural community farm sponsorship
- eLangeni Primary School computer lab installed with educational gaming software
- Sporting and play equipment at the Selula Sandla HIV orphanage
- Sporting equipment at both the Primary and Secondary schools in eLangeni
- Sponsorship of 13 orphan’s education (tuition, school uniform, school shoes)
- Sponsorship of an orphaned and vulnerable youth soccer team (eLangeni Vultures)
- Solar lighting system for the Maziya homestead

WE NEED YOU! Our next service-learning trip to Swaziland will be December 26th-January 5th and on this trip we will be implementing:
- Feeding Programs
- Beads of Hope Income-generating Program
- Trees of Hope Nutrition and Income-generating Program
Contact Annie for more details, we'd love to have you and currently have 4 spots left:

New Board Member!

Fikeveni Dlamini

Fiks was born and raised in the Kingdom of Swaziland and currently resides in Lafayette, IN.  He has been helping with GHFP programs long before it's official conception as Annie met Prince Fiks in Swaziland back in 2008! He has delivered crucial advice in the past 4 years suggesting ways to implement difficult programs and networking for us to meet local people who have been able to facilitate our mission. 

Fiks often, in the typical Swazi manner, is too humble pertaining to the huge impact of his efforts.  His knowledge of the social aspects of his people has helped us interact in ways that are culturally acceptable.  We often bring an idea to Fiks only to have it built on and expanded due to his knowledge of what is feasible on the ground in Swaziland.  We are forever grateful for his time, knowledge and passion to help us help the orphaned and vulnerable children in his Kingdom.
November 2nd: First Friday GHFP Orphan Hope Art Exhibition at the Athenaeum ArtSpace downtown Indianapolis
December 1st: World AIDS Day Social
December 26th- January 5th: Winter Break Service-Learning trip to Swaziland (contact annie to register!)

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