GHFP February 2017
A home for Sethu!
Some stories, thanks to our donors, have happy endings! For Sethu and his grandmother who lived in this dilapidated hut, things started going downhill last year but they kept persevering. When the storms recently tore the roof off, he covered the sticks and mud with garbage bags. When the grandmother got tuberculosis, he made sure she was seen by doctors. But when they were kicked off the family's land because they were considered a burden - he didn't know what to do. When he came to me, I went begging to you and soon he and his grandmother will no longer be homeless! 

We were able to acquire new land from the Chief for $180.  Next month we will begin building a new cement home and toilet for $3,000. Stay tuned... 
Books, Cell Phones, and Laptops!
We are always collecting books for all ages, unlocked cell phones & laptops/tablets for our children.  Contact us if you have any to donate:
Super Service Grant Challenge
The Super Service Challenge encourages people to volunteer for their favorite charities and submit a short video clip of them doing so.  If their video is chosen, their charity wins money! Every year we've participated in the Super Service Challenge, our videos have won!

If you have clips of you helping our orphans here in the US by fundraising or attending an event or abroad during a service-learning experience, we'd love for you to submit a video on our behalf!
If you don't have a video, please consider voting for the ones like THIS ONE that have already been submitted. 
Become a Team Leader!
Have you always wanted to join us in Swaziland but decided not to due to the cost? Then we have a new opportunity just for you!

If you recruit the other 3 members of your team, you will only be obligated to pay the airfare.
Team members can be any adult located anywhere in the US with a valid passport - they need not be students or of a particular profession or background.
You will be able to pick travel dates that suit your schedule (as well as Kait or Annie's schedule as your guide).

If you are interested, contact annie:
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Wooden Serving Spoons
$22 donation (each) - includes shipping!
Elephant or Giraffe available
Across the Body Tote Bags - all one of a kind!
$22 donation (each) - shipping included!
Aluminum can Cars with doors and trunks that open
$22 donation (each) - shipping included
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