GHFP April 2016
Fly Delta, KLM or Air France? Help the orphans!
Delta offers a SkyBonus program that does not affect your accrual of personal SkyMiles.  Rather, this program offers our charity bonus miles in addition to you accruing your own.  

If you'd like to help there are TWO ways to make GHFP the recipient of your bonus miles:
1. Email us your ticket number starting in 006 and the last name on the ticket
2. When purchasing your future tickets input "US0041749" in the SkyBonus box

The great thing is points can be earned retroactively.  So if you've traveled Delta, KLM or Air France within the last year, scrounge up your ticket number (should be in confirmation email) and forward it to us! Thank you!!
Join us in Swaziland!
Don't forget about the opportunity to WIN A TRIP TO SWAZILAND on one of our upcoming service-learning experiences by raising $500 for the orphans by July 30th, 2016.  For more info, click here, or contact:
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Swaziland!
People sometimes ask how we pick the orphans who receive our programming. The short answer is: Our local teachers, who know the children best, choose the orphans based on need. The long answer involves something beyond all of us... We have been building a home for Mthos - a needy orphan living with her grandmother.  This week, her aunt died of HIV leaving behind 3 more kids. The tiny mud hut with a leaking roof in the top photo could not accommodate 2 let alone 5, so our sturdy cement structure shown on the bottom was needed more than we originally knew! And, it will be finished by Saturday, the day Mthos buries her aunt - Gogo buries her last daughter. 
Have any Shutterfly promo codes?
When we receive a grant, we are required to submit an annual report.  We like to do this visually through printing a grant specific Shutterfly Photobook for the foundation or large donor.  Often there are "free 8x8 Photobook" promo codes floating you have one you aren't using?  

Please consider donating it to us by replying to this email with the promo code.  We will also gladly take the "$20 off anything" promo code as well!  Siyabonga! 
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Wooden Sun Mask
$33 donation each - includes shipping!
Two available
Animal Carved Soap Stone Bowls
$12 donation each - shipping included!
GHFP Signature Quilted Zip pouch
$23 donation - shipping included

A variety of fabrics available
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