April 2022

You make it all possible!! 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to donate toward our orphan programming far away, despite growing needs here at home & elsewhere.  We have actually been able to increase our programming for our children despite growing food, fuel, & material costs. 
THANK YOU for making it all possible! 

Trip to eSwatini are starting back up!

We are so pleased to announce that July 6-15th marks our first trip back to eSwatini in 2.5 years! After that, we plan to slowly grow back to the quantity of trips we previously ran. 

The next available trip with open spots is December 26, 2022- Jan 4, 2023. 
Yourself, family, & friends are all welcome to join. We currently have 6 spots available. 

We also have an exciting opportunity unraveling for those who may want a more luxuriously curated trip. Stay tuned next Tuesday for the release (via email & social media).

If you're potentially interested in any trip, reply to this email. Happy to chat with you & offer more details!

Our programming has INCREASED!

Thanks to the Power of 1 foundation, we were able to build 5 kitchens at child-headed homes like the one pictured above. 

Thanks to the donations & matching grants from SeedMoney, we were able to offer support for ALL of our child-headed home's subsistence farms.
We've been using general donor funds to build toilets, rain catchment systems, & homes for existing and newly added orphaned kiddos.
None of this would be possible without you! 
If you would like to donate, there are many ways: 
Venmo: @Annie-Todt 
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