January 2021

Nothing is possible without you!! 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to donate toward our orphan programming far away, despite growing needs here at home.  Since the global pandemic started and schools closed down, we have focused all of our efforts on programs that enable the children to survive at home: water, sanitation, food, healthcare, & distance learning efforts. 
THANK YOU for making it all possible! 

Subsistence Farming at Child-headed Homes

Food is always scarce for children living in child-headed homes.  However, due to our support at their schools, school lunch was always one guaranteed meal of the day.  Since COVID school closures, the children have had no guaranteed meals without YOUR support.  We have increased our home food deliveries of basic goods (oil, beans, rice, peanut butter, chicken stock, etc).  But we also wanted them to  get the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. 

Many of the child-headed homes lacked water access, fencing to keep the neighbors farm animals out of their fields, and seedlings to plant.  We focused the second half of 2020 to doing needs assessments at each home and then implementing programming to help them overcome all obstacles from growing their own food.  We've received word that many of the homes are already harvesting their first crops! We could not be more proud of them or more thankful for you making it all possible! 


Solar Lighting for Safety!

Many of our child-headed homes do not have electricity. And for sanitation reasons, we have built their pit latrine toilets (pictured above) far from their homes.  But that makes going to the toilet in the night a dangerous endeavor.  We have had children bitten by snakes on their journey.  And many children fear child predators.  Since most homes in their very rural areas lack electricity, it is DARK at night - only the moon illuminating their surroundings.  

We wish to provide each child headed home lacking electricity with two outdoor solar flood lights, one from the home facing the toilet path and one from the toilet facing home.  Each light is about $25, so each home would cost $50 to provide the children with a sense of safety at night. 

If you are unable to give the entire $50 for a home but want to help - even $5 helps! 
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