GHFP January 2015
Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

Thanks to some very generous private donors, we were able to build TWO brand new homes for Gogos (grandmothers) who are raising some of our New Hope Primary School orphans.  The two families had dilapidated structures made of mud, sticks, and rocks that were eroding this rainy season leaving the kids susceptible to the weather and cold.  The mixture of wetness and the dirt floor caused the children to be sick and absent from school.  Now they have brand new cement block homes and toilets complete with windows and doors to keep them safe and healthy. 
We're back!
I will highlight a few of our programs below, but if you want a more detailed account of our 6 week journey in Swaziland, you can find it on our BLOG.  Thank you for your support! 
Sanitation Across Swaziland! 

In partnership with the Royal Swazi Sun and Sibane hotels in Swaziland, we have been able to provide recycled soaps to rural children who were lacking this simple yet life-saving hygiene item. Last year one of our partner's daughters died of the rotavirus - which is a completely preventable disease.  We promised to try to prevent more avoidable deaths by providing each child with a bar of soap to take home and enough soaps at the schools for children to wash their hands after using the toilet & before eating. We cleaned thousands of bars with bleach and repackaged them for delivery to the schools.  You financial assistance will keep this program running!  If you'd like to donate, please mail a check or make a donation online.
Food & Water
Two of our basic human needs, yet many children in rural Swaziland go without.  Thanks to a private donor, we were able to deliver much needed nonperishable items to child-headed homes as well as plant more fruit trees for sustainable nutrition.  We also are in the process of digging piping to the community water source from our school to provide clean drinking water.  The challenge is when the kids return home, they drink contaminated water & are then filled with worms. Last month Sisimo, one of our star students, had worms crawling out of his body & his stomach was so distended he required medical attention.  For only $2.20 USD, we can provide de-worming medicine.  We hope to start a de-worming initiative as soon as funding allows.
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Hand made zip coin bags
$13 donation - shipping included!
Kissing Turtles and Elephant Box
Large = $15, Small = $12 - shipping included!
Recycled can guitars
$18 each (shipping included)
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