GHFP September 2014
Amazon WishList!!

There are TWO ways to help through Amazon.  

1. You can shop on our nonprofit organization's wishlist! And if that link doesn't work, you can just search "Give Hope Fight Poverty Wishlist" on the navigation bar. The wishlist is composed of some gifts we wish to give the orphans this year for Christmas as well as some items that will make our office work easier.  We love to keep our administration costs as minimal as possible, so items on this list will help with that! Your in-kind donation is tax-deductible!

2. You can also register for  This feature allows you to select a charity of your choice (we hope you pick us!). Then you do your normal amazon shopping and amazon sends us a percentage as a donation.  Please spread the word about this easy and free way to help! 
#BuyABucket to build a dam!
We've had many people donate to GHFP rather than ALS during the "bucket challenge" that went viral & we are very thankful! I too was reluctant to jump on the bandwagon because the Swazi kids do not have enough water to drink, let alone dump on their heads.
We partnered with the Ministry of Health & Chief of Malindza to develop a sanitation program to prevent the rotavirus from taking any more of our kid's lives.  They are currently dying in volumes due to the lack of water & soap.  We're partnering with local hotels to provide recycled soap & we're using your donations to dig dams to harvest clean mountain water in rural areas.  Thank you for your support! 
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: Swaziland!

This December, we are doing what has never been done before... giving our child-headed homes a makeover! Most of our children live alone in dung or mud huts that have very (if anything) little inside. Most do not have electricity, some don't have windows, some do not have beds to sleep on, many don't have proper cooking and cleaning materials. Some have large cracks that let winter cold air and cockroaches/rodents inside.

Every house is a bit different but this December our volunteers are teaming up with our local carpenter to help these kids enjoy a more comfortable home. You can play a part by following our blog (stay tuned in Nov/Dec) and by making a donation - anything helps!!
Orphan Education Fund!

Education in Swaziland is not free! In fact, it is about $1 per day to go to school and an additional $100 for school uniforms, supplies, and shoes (~$450 total).  In 2007 we met a group of children who were being kicked out of school due to the lack of fees and pledged to raise money for their school fees.  Today, you can make a contribution to keep them in school - no amount is too small! Because education is proven to be the most successful way out of poverty (Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof 2009), these children need schooling to ensure a better future.

You can make donations on our website in multiples of $25 or you can mail a check to: 2436 N Alabama Street Indianapolis IN 46205 with a child's name on the memoline.  We need all of the children fully funded by November 15th or they will be unable to return to school for 2015! 
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Orphan made recycled Christmas cards!
$12 donation - shipping included! (pack of 5)
Wooden Warthog
$20 donation - shipping included!
GHFP T-shirts!
New shipment!: various sizes... $10 each (shipping included)
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