Party for a Purpose/Open House

October 28th, 8pm
RSVP appreciated but not required:

Starting at 8pm and lasting into the night, we will celebrate the lives of our ORPHAN friends through beautiful photos of the children, African artwork created by Swazi Go-Gos (grandmothers), African music, and rich conversation on how to help these children become change-agents for a brighter future.

Your presence and input would be greatly appreciated as we brainstorm how to move forward to make a difference for our child-headed households in Swaziland and our HIV-positive mothers in Namibia!  Feel free to come whenever you can and stay as long as you want - this is a family friendly event.  Help us spread the word by inviting people to our facebook event and by forwarding this email to friends, family, co-workers, and classmates!

Mariutto Household:
2436 N Alabama Street
Indianapolis, IN

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