February 2021

Nothing is possible without you!! 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to donate toward our orphan programming far away, despite growing needs here at home.  Since the global pandemic started and schools closed down, we have focused all of our efforts on programs that enable the children to survive at home: water, sanitation, food, healthcare, & distance learning efforts. 
THANK YOU for making it all possible! 

Nomcebo Needs a Home!

Nomcebo, our orphaned high schooler, lives alone with her grandmother and their home was destroyed by the recent rains, winds, and flooding in eSwatini. She needs a safe place to sleep and remote learn. A new permanent cement structure is $3,500.

I know that is a lot to ask, but our projects are almost always completed by piecing together many much smaller donations. Any amount will help us purchase the building materials and get started on her new home - even $9 buys a bag of cement! 
Venmo: @Annie-Todt 

Solar Lighting for Safety!

Last month, we asked for donations for solar lighting and.... YOU DID IT! We were able to illuminate 12 child-headed homes! This provides a layer of safety for the children when they need to use the outdoor toilet, or if people are approaching their homes.  Since most homes in their very rural areas lack electricity, it is DARK at night - only the moon illuminating their surroundings.  

The children are very grateful as well because they are approaching the winter months when it will get dark much quicker making remote learning and studying very challenging without light. Thank you so very much for making this project possible!  
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