June 26th- July 5th, 2012 - Computer & English Literacy Program @ Primary School (SWAZILAND):  ELangeni Rural primary school has requested a computer lab with English literacy software/listening lab.  We will be installing the computer lab, teaching the students & teachers how to use it, & working with the administration on developing a curriculum. (No experience required)

July 3rd- 12th, 2012 - Playground Building @ HIV Orphanage (SWAZILAND): Selula Sandla HIV Orphanage has requested a playground on their homestead so their HIV+ orphans can have a chance to be children. (No experience required)

July 10th- 19th, 2012 Playground & Mural Painting @ HIV Orphanage (SWAZILAND): Team will be painting the playground & a mural at Selula Sandla HIV Orphanage. (No experience required)

July 17th- 26th, 2012 - Income Generation Program for HIV+ Women (NAMIBIA): We will be working with a Namibian Community-based Organization & US Peace Corps to assit in developing a Pottery business for HIV+ women. (Pottery experience required)

July 26th - Aug 1st, 2012 - Scouting Trip (ZAMBIA): This trip will be limited to professionals or photographers as we will be designing an upcoming service-learning trip for college students (Professional experience in any discipline or photography experince required)

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