GHFP April 2015
Televisions? No Computers!
Thanks to a very generous grant from the HC Gemmer Foundation, we were able to install brand new desktop computers at our New Hope Primary School for orphans.  

When I asked the children what the computers were, they all exclaimed, "TELEVISIONS!" It was only a year ago when we were finally able to get electricity to the village and now they are already learning about current technology.  The students practiced one by one typing their names as the rest of the kids crowded around the screens watching the names appear as if by magic in complete awe.  Our goal is to try to even the educational playing field so our orphans can break the cycle of poverty. 
Happy 4th birthday to Give Hope, Fight Poverty!
On April 23rd 2011 we officially obtained Give Hope, Fight Poverty's 501c3 nonprofit status. Since then, we have been able to provide education, nutrition, water, hygiene, sanitation, technology, and solar energy support to rural orphans.  Thank you for your continued support! 
Monthly Medical Clinic!

Thanks to private financial donations and donated medical supplies that we carried in our suitcases, we were able to provide the means for a mobile clinic in Malindza Village hosted at our New Hope Primary School.  The patients waited in our 1st grade classroom and were treated in our 2nd grade classroom by a local nurse.  

The majority of the issues were infectious skin conditions, stomach worms, and diarrhea.  Many were able to be treated with antifungal creams, Albendazole (deworming pills), antibiotics, and oral rehydration solution.  The local nurse is committed to continue helping monthly as long as the funding and medical resources remain available.  
Board of Directors!
We will soon have an open position on our Board of Directors.  Have you been wanting to get more involved?  Would you enjoy having a leadership role in our organization?  Do you have fundraising, awareness-building, event planning, marketing, or any other experience you think would add to our team?  If so, please reach out to annie - we'd love to talk to you more about this opportunity:
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Wooden Cow Bone Serving Spoons
$25 donation - shipping included!
Large Wall Batik
$35 donation - shipping included!
(2ft tall & 3ft wide)
Hand-carved Wooden Animal Bowls
$15 donation - shipping included!
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