Tote Bags...

GHFP now has signature tote bags available for $5 (this includes shipping/handling) made possible by Carrie Dlamini of ExcoGraphics (

Please mail a check made out to Give Hope, Fight Poverty to: 39 S Logan Street, Denver CO 80209. We thank you for your donation along with your efforts to help us raise awareness of our growing organization!

Give Hope, Fight Poverty's (GHFP) mission is to foster philanthropy domestically by designing service-learning programs that engage US students with communities abroad and work together to educate, empower and lift orphaned and vulnerable children out of poverty.


We are often asked by our supporters of our most immediate in-kind needs.  We definitely always have a wish list we'd love to share!

1. Unlocked cell phones with SIM card technology.  We need them while we are over there, but our orphans also need them for safety reasons (great news is, in Swaziland incoming calls are free so we can contact them to check up on them if they have cell phones!).

2. Bridesmaid, wedding, prom, or homecoming dresses. Our girls wear these style dresses to their school dances and graduation.  We are hoping to also have a fashion show this summer while we are there for fun!

3. Educational Software. Our computer lab will not be able to offer the internet at this time as that technology has not sufficiently reached our rural area, but we are hoping to load the computers we purchase with educational games for children. 

4. Headphones. Although we'd gladly take the "ear-buds", we hope for some sturdier over the head headphones that our children will be able to use in our GHFP computer lab while learning and playing.


Thank you Genevee's Studio downtown Lafayette!

The Artistic Director of the studio, Genevee, has graciously offered to host our Artisan Direct goods from Zambia!  In March and April we will have Swazi photos as well as wall hangings, masks, and jewelry from Zambia on display in the studio. 

Please show our partner support by visiting this full-service salon and check out some of our goods while you're there!  
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