GHFP August 2015
Partnership with the Rocking Horse Palliative Care Facility!
We're proud to announce our recent partnership with The Rocking Horse, a palliative care facility in Swaziland for children with incurable diseases.  
They have asked us for help:  They need educational toys enhancing small motor skills for their cerebral palsy patients.  They've also asked for jigsaw puzzles, decks of cards, and other toys that can be wiped clean as to not transmit diseases (nothing furry or soft).  
If anyone has connections with therapeutic educational toys, please let us know!  We'd love to deliver purposeful toys to the children this December when we return to Swaziland.  
We appreciate their efforts to make the end of life meaningful for the young victims of HIV, extreme drug resistant TB and other incurable diseases!! 
Join us in Swaziland!
Our service-learning experiences are currently full until March 2016.  If you're considering joining us, don't delay!  Email annie to sign up today:
Sanitation Across Swaziland!
In the past year, we have struggled with poor student attendance in the rural villages due to our female students lacking basic hygiene resources.  Therefore, we are currently creating a partnership with UNICEF's WASH program (Water access, sanitation and hygiene) to provide sanitary pads to high school girls.  These sanitation and hygiene strategies will offer a means for the children to attend to school and remain healthy enough to increase student attendance.

But we need your help!  If you have seamstress skills, we'd love to have your support creating sanitary pad kits we can pilot to test effectiveness.  We are looking for the development of kits similar to this.  
Congratulations to Sizo, our latest College Boy!!
We have boasted about Mirriam (EMT), Njabuliso (automotive engineering), Lungelo (accounting) and Noncedo (computer science)... now we can add Sizo Msibi to the list of GHFP superstars!  Congratulations Sizo for admission to the Swazi teaching college!! 
Sizo will complete his studies to become an English and siSwati teacher.  He also has a passion to be his future school's drama coach and singing/music director.  We cannot be more proud of Sizo who has come a long way since we met him 8 years ago as a struggling orphan in a child-headed home.  
Prayers for his journey toward a degree and an exit ticket from a life of poverty! So proud... And thank you to all of his sponsors!! 
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Carved Wooden Serving Spoons
$25 donation - shipping included!
Orphan painted Thank You cards!
pack of 5 hand-painted cards
$12 donation - shipping included!
Hand-carved Wooden Platters
$22 donation - shipping included!
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