Siyabonga Kakhulu (...thank you very much)

Earlier this year marked our 5th birthday as an organization and I cannot thank you enough for making our work in Swaziland possible! On Monday, I will take a team of Purdue and Georgia Tech students to Swaziland to finish off our 2016 programming. You can follow our journey on my blog:

Every year we are able to expand our reach to support more orphaned children - this year we added 10 new children to receive full scholarships!  Often the children live in dilapidated mud huts, this year we built 5 brand new cement homes! The children have to venture out into the dark woods to go to the bathroom, but this year we built 14 toilets! We had 5 students enrolled in post secondary education. Two students gain employment. Twenty pre-schoolers graduated from our New Hope PreSchool! Over 100 children in Malindza received a hot meal every single day at New Hope Centre. We delivered countless emergency food packages to child-headed homes and we delivered so many medical supplies that Baylor Pediatric HIV Center made us a Thank You plaque! We recycled thousands of bars of soap for rural child-headed families and delivered 150 reusable sanitary pads for rural teens. We hosted quarterly free clinics seeing over 600 pediatric patients this year.  We even started a brand new competitive soccer team of orphaned elementary school children complete with their own uniforms and soccer balls!  This list could go on including dental, palliative care, psycho-social, clothing, hygiene, farming, and water programming.  ALL possible because of the generosity of our donors... Siyabonga!

 When people ask me what GHFP's 10 year plan is, I always want to say - to become unnecessary.  I've had the privilege of watching our first cohort of orphans grow up over the last almost 10 years.  It's amazing to watch their dreams change - like Mazwi, from being a bus driver to becoming a banker with a college degree - we've instilled that dreaming by showing them it's possible and encouraging them along the way!  These "children" are now college students or working young adults with ambitions to help their younger generation - we've instilled that desire to help others from the support we've given them! With each step the children take in the right direction, I take a sigh and you should take a bow.  Together we are changing the future of Swaziland! And I am filled with gratitude...
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