Support rural African artisans and GHFP orphan programming!

Support Rural Zambian Artisans and GHFP Orphan Programming!

These items are made by African artists with renewable African materials.
Sales of these original pieces of African art support GHFP programs and provide a sustainable living for local artists!
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Necklace (a)
Headband (b)
Necklace (c)
Earrings (d)
Necklace (e)
Earrings (f)
Necklace (g)
Earrings (h)
(a & c) Wooden bead & cloth necklaces $15 donation +$4 S&H: Available in teal or red!  - Mozambique
(b) Cloth headband $10 donation +$4 S&H: Exactly matches the teal necklace!  - Mozambique
(d) Cloth earrings $15 donation +$4 S&H: Many different colors available!          - Mozambique
(e) Large cowbone necklace $25 donation +$5 S&H: Spice up a plain shirt and jeans!      - Zambia
(f) Carved wooden drop earrings $15 donation +$4 S&H:  Beautiful delicate design!   - 
(g) Colorful wooden bead necklace $20 donation +$4 S&H: Can be worn long or short!  - Zambia
(h) Hollow wooden earrings $15 donation +$4 S&H: Super lightweight!                         - Zambia
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