Our Swazi Friend Mazwi Maziya...
A very special thanks to our Orphan Ambassadors
Jane Allard Grimm (and family), Joseph & Leslie Elble, Mike & Pam Nichols, and Katy Schueller.  With your generous recent donations, we were able to secure Mazwi Maziya's 2012 school fees! Mazwi contracted HIV/AIDS at birth from his mother who died soon after childbirth from the virus leaving Mazwi very much alone in the world.  In 2007, he was being raised by his 8 year old sister and 15 year old brother with no adult on the homestead.   The children rarely ate & none of them were attending school due to the lack of fees.  Immediately we sponsored the 8 year old sister Celimphilo, but Mazwi was only 4 years old & very sick with communicable diseases he had contracted due to his suppressed immune system - far too ill to attend school for years to come.  On the most recent trip, we were joyous to see 8 year old Mazwi in 1st grade at eLangeni Elementary School (1st grade is free for the entire country).  Second grade (Jan-Dec 2012), however, is not free & GHFP wants to extend a gracious "THANK YOU" to the donors who made his education possible.  For Mazwi - it not only means an education, but also consistent interaction with adults who care for him, 2 free meals a day that make HIV antiretroviral treatment less painful, and friends to brighten his daily life.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We have 11 more children with similar stories who also need school fee sponsors.  One year for one child is around $415 for tuition, supplies, and a uniform but any amount, no matter how small, helps us get closer to our goal.  We have 3 months to raise almost $5,000 and we are grateful for anything you can contribute. 

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