Women's Retreat
You're Invited to a Women's Wellness Retreat! 
The "Luxury" Swazi trip December 26 - January 4th has morphed into a Women's Wellness Retreat and we cannot be more excited about it! We have 3 of the 6 teammates already signed up. Would you like to fill one of the 3 remaining spots?

"But I'd feel too guilty not getting my hands dirty or doing heavy lifting":
While some like to get their hands dirty, it’s really unnecessary for the purpose of our trips. The only thing we can’t hire locals for (which provides jobs) is us forming relationships with the kids, learning about them & their challenges, and gaining their trust so we can work together to solve them. Outside of the time we will be working on ourselves, we will spend all of the remaining time getting to know the kids, delivering emergency food aid, and helping the older girls start small businesses.

"But I've never done Yoga or breath work or meditation": This trip is for all levels and people on all stages of their self-reflection/self-improvement journey! We will have a guide and lots of ways for you make progress after finding yourself right where you're currently at! 

"But I can't make these dates work in my schedule": We are happy to set up a trip specifically for you and your friends/family some other time! Or stay tuned for more group dates next summer.

The teammates will be required to make a $500 nonrefundable deposit to secure their place on the team.  An additional $2,000 will be due over time (you can fundraise!). While this amount does not include airfare, we will be happy to help you search for the best flights available.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this email
or call/text annie: 765-532-2586

Here's a sample itinerary of what we would be embarking on:

December 26 Depart from America to Africa
*December 27 evening arrive in Joburg and sleep at Premier Hotel 
*December 28 morning arrive in Joburg and meet team at airport 
December 28 - Drive to Swaziland as a team and go grocery shopping, play with the Msibi's in their homestead 
December 29- Morning yoga (all abilities), deliver food to child headed homes in Malindza, play at Nothando's homestead, evening self-reflection and meditation 
December 30th - Morning breath work (all abilities), safari at the Royal Hlane National Park (take some of our girls so they can experience it too), dinner overlooking the animals' watering hole, evening reflection & meditation 
December 31st - Morning Yoga (all abilities), Deliver food to child-headed homes in elangeni, play at the Maziya homestead, afternoon private African dance lesson, evening shopping at the female handicraft market, self-reflection/meditation.
January 1st - Morning breath work, Morning Mantegna Cultural Village local music/dancing and hike to waterfall, take the girls shopping for hygiene/feminine products, evening dinner with the elder high school & college kids, self reflection/meditation
January 2nd - Morning yoga, female income generation day helping our girls create small businesses!, afternoon hike to a mountain top where we will have a picnic dinner & complete our self-reflection/meditation. 
January 3rd - Morning breath work, morning shopping at Swazi Glass Factory and drive back to the Joburg airport for departure.
January 4th Arrive back at your originating airport.
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