GHFP June 2016
Superhero Capes and Soccer Jerseys for New Hope orphaned children!
We were able to provide Superhero capes to our preschool children and soccer jerseys to our primary school children at New Hope thanks to our generous donors!  We have a neighbor coaching the team on weekdays and a professional soccer coach volunteering on the weekends. There is also a professional vocal coach teaching our children choral music.  We are committed to addressing the psychosocial needs of our children outside of the classroom, thank you for making it possible!
Join us in Swaziland!
We are considering opening a trip to Swaziland over Thanksgiving week because we have so much still to do this year!  Email annie to inquire or sign up today:
Malindza New Hope Clinic:
While in Swaziland last week, our team of volunteers along with a volunteer Swazi nurse saw almost 400 children at our pop-up clinic!  We have been hosting these clinics for the past year and this has been our busiest one yet (the first clinic had 100 patients and has been increasing ever since). We treated everything from ringworm to asthma and only had to refer one patient to the hospital. All medical care and prescriptions are entirely free for the children and they also leave with toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary pads, and soap! 
Consider donating your old cell phones!
We have five children in post-secondary education who now need internet access to research class assignments on blackboard or make study plans with groups through Whatsapp.  If you donate your old cell phone (we will provide a tax receipt), we will provide a Swazi sim card and give them to our university students! Imagine how difficult college would be without the internet!
Want to see more of the Artisan Direct pictured below?  Visit our website where new items are uploaded every couple of months!
Wooden Serving Spoons
$27 donation (each) - includes shipping!
Elephant or Giraffe available
Banana Leaf Prints!
$22 donation (each) - shipping included!
Hand carved coaster set
$35 donation (each) - shipping included
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