Another first-hand story written by one of our Swazi SuperStars

On a bitterly cold April morning in 2005, my father died of a heart attack. The shock of his death was like a punch to the stomach. It was the first bereavement I’d experienced up close. For weeks, a cloak of confusion, rage and disbelief descended. By contrast, my mother’s death, a year later, held no shock. It arrived clearly signposted with a predictability that was agonizing: diagnosis, scan, operation, false hope, radiotherapy, hospice, morphine and death.

One parent dying was devastating but when my mother died it changed me forever. I felt anchor-less. As if I was no longer anyone’s child. I may have looked the same but something inside of me shifted. A friend likens being an adult orphan to being the only tree left standing in a forest. I know what she meant. For me it’s as if my roots have been hacked away. My parents are the reason I’m here, what held me up. They had been the one stable point during my whole life. There are times I still feel my mother & father, times I feel very alone. 

My biological parents had no qualifications and money but what they did have was a strong work ethic and a lot of hope. Their lives were spent working in factories and eventually they were able to provide a better life for me.

Just a few years after they both died, life was hell for me. My "adoptive" parent struggled to pay for my school fees from grade 5 till grade 7. When I was doing my last grade in primary school, the heaven had just opened for me where by a lovely American lady came to my rescue and changed my sorrow into happiness.

Since I met Annie Elble, I struggled no more. She came all the way from America just to see us. Normally, she would take us to a movie zone, fancy restaurant, hotels to mention a few. She really filled up that huge space I had for my parents.

I’m now studying automotive engineering through Give Hope, Fight Poverty's financial help and I hold with me a certificate with distinctions. I truly believe that without Give Hope, Fight Poverty my life would have been hell. More love to Annie, Kait and everyone who contributed towards building my future. I live my life without any fear because I have shoulders to lean on.
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