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Thanks for being one of the first few to sign up to the
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As thanks, here's a link to a wee demo of a song I wrote a few months back:

Where Do I Know You From?
As you can imagine, there's not been too much going on musically lately. 
I've tried to focus a bit more on just writing material, getting down some lyrical content. I've got a few ideas about what I want to do next...
slowly but surely, so they say.

No gigs planned, but you can check out some At Home Sessions and Live Streams over on my YouTube!

Since this is the first Deep Sea mail, I wanted to touch briefly on my decision to switch to a newsletter.  I've made the decision to come off social media, so these emails will become a replacement for it. 

The reasons are varied and complicated so I won't delve in right now, but check out Jaron Lanier's Ted Talk if you like.

I don't want to appear to be like your Aunt who is sick of no-one heart reacting pictures of her pit-bull so she posts a rant calling out all the other dog owners and then deactivates her account only to come back again without saying a word and post another slobbery pic of a dog that, to be fair, often gets a bad reputation: there are no bad dogs, just facebook addicted relatives.

I've had the odd discussion with the odd musician about social media. 
The general consensus is that... you need it. 
If you're going to be an artist you need an online presence. 

Maybe that's true.

But, I've never tried to be a musician without social media, so I'm giving it a go! 

I won't delete my social media pages immediately.
I don't want to lose any connections so will take a wee bit of time and give my friends, fam, & fans a good chance to subscribe here if they want to. 
I'm also working on my website, so that'll be a one-stop-shop for news and updates.

And hey, thank you. 

Thanks for signing up to this and helping me towards making that wee step. It's my favourite topic of conversation right now so if you've any thoughts, hit me up. 

All my love
Deep Sea Creature 🦑
Lao Khaen Mouth Organ

Here is a gorgeous instrument that I've fallen in love with too
(I've been scouting online to see if I can find one, fantasising)
Maybe one day I will paddle down the Mekong River
and hike through the mountainous terrains
towards Laos, Southeast Asia
and purchase one
from some sort of
Khaen Merchant
But not today.
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