The Court of Justice of the EU has ruled invalid the Safe Harbour Agreement that was negotiated by the US and the EU in 2000

What are the implications?
  • Safe Harbour was supposed to ensure data stored in the US had the same privacy protections as they would in the EU.
  • By declaring this 15-years-old data-sharing agreement invalid, the European Court acknowledges that data stored on US servers is not  adequately protected because of government snooping.
  • US technology companies will now have to revisit their procedures for transferring personal data from the EU.
SPAMINA headquarters are based in Europe, we provide companies with the peace of mind that their information is fully protected under the law of the European Union. SPAMINA cloud services ensure the security of electronic mail and digital communications such as instant messaging. More information

Read the news release from the European Court of Justice

Telecom Italia Digital Solutions sign a global agreement with Spamina

Spamina, European Security Company that provides secure communitacion platform in the cloud, has announced today a new partnership with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS), a subsidiary of international ICT provider Telecom Italia. Spamina security solutions have been chosen by TIDS to expand its cloud services offering for SMBs and Enterprie markets.

COAC trust in Parla: Advanced-Threats-free enterprise email

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Catalunya (COAC) has entrusted Spamina by adopting Parla, the secure cloud email platform, for its more than 12000 members. They are now able to enjoy advanced threats email protection, integrated with an enterprise-class email, encrypted instant messaging, calendar and collaboration tools.

ParlaMI, Spamina's instant messaging, now fully integrated in Outlook

Spamina is happy to announce its Outlook Plugin evolution. Parla & ParlaMI customers can now enjoy a fully Outlook integrated Instant Messaging solution, which avoid screens switch.-over and improve employee productivity. The plugin is available for Outlook 2007, 2010 & 2013, and it has optional add-ons IM Archiving and antimalware, for additional security levels. More information

All in one in security for your company with Spamina


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