Web Audit Recap
January 2020

Welcome back to your school sites! I hope you had time to rest and celebrate the holiday season. 

This semester will be focused on maintaining our sites, school site visits and before we know it, we'll be prepping for summer once again! Check out below for information on upcoming site visits and what to prep for this spring.
Leslie Ashford

                       SCHOOL SITE VISITS!                      

School site visits are actually my favorite part of my job here! I enjoy meeting with each of youin your school environments and getting to catch up, talk about your site and relay any assistance or information on a face to face basis!

I will be organizing my site meetings by area. I hope to get through each area in the matter of a week and a half. I will be blocking off my afternoons from 1pm - 4:30. Once you receive my email regarding your area's dates, please select a time. This will be on a first come first serve basis and will be confirmed with an Outlook event invite so that it gets placed on our calendars. More details will be in the email!

                       WHAT TO WORK ON                      

Complete your Audit Feedback Changes

Please complete the items listed in your audit feedback form prior to our meeting. Feel free to note anything confusing, ideas or suggestions so that I can help make your life easier. We can discuss anything during this time.

Staff Pages

I saw a lot of progress of our staff pages! If you haven't already, please view the example and tutorials on how to improve your staff pages below and work on these pages prior to our meeting.
Staff Page Tutorial & Template >>


App Marketing Push

A CUSD App marketing push will be coming eerily this spring. This will include banners, copy, social media, fliers and more that will need to be posted on your website. We want to see our numbers boost in our CUSD App downloads and will go over some of this data during our meeting. 

Why does this involve you? Well, aside from posting materials we provide you with, the website is what feeds your school's app section. Furthermore, your website is a great way to promote our parents to download and stay in the know as we aim to train them in relying on our app to get information and in turn, it will help us make the app better.

Using Spacers

When we're logged into our sites and see the black bars, it can be hard to see if the page is properly spaced out. When the average user sees your page, does it look like your components are squished too close together? Consider using spacers!
  • Add a new component - Text Window - Internal Name: Spacer
  • Go into the compo net and press the "enter" or "return" in the body area. 
  • Place the spacer in between any two components to give them a little breathing room!
  • Give it a try and let me know if you're in need of assistance! 
Spacers Tutorial >>
Zenfolio Photos >>
Photo Policy >>

Does someone at your school need web access?

If you have a webmaster change or need to add another staff member to be able to edit the athletics pages or counseling, etc., please have your principal fill out the form below. It is important that we have a paper trail in regards to whom has access to edit the sites.
Website Access Request Form - for Principals >>

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117