Preparing for a Return to
In-Person Instruction

November 2020

Welcome to November! With school sites preparing for the return to in-person hybrid instruction, and continuing to provide online instruction for families who choose to do so, this issue is dedicated to highlighting a few ways to utilize your website as an info hub for families seeking information. We know many sites are ahead of the game on this, and we'd love to see your ideas -- please feel free to share with us if you'd like!

As always, please reach out to us anytime. We are here to support you however needed!
Darren Grubel & Kellie Feramisco
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Site-Specific Schedules & Timing Info

With schedules and timing for the return of in-person instruction being unique to each site, school websites are likely one of the first places families will check for answers to their questions. It is critical that each school's website is updated with the most current information. A natural home for this info is your Bell Schedule page, with both the CUSD Hybrid (in-person) schedule and CUSD Connect (online) schedule for your site, along with the dates schedules begin. If it isn't already, you may also want to consider linking to this information from a prominent place on your site's home page. Shout out to Clovis North for their Return to Campus page -- it's a great example of how a dedicated hub for this info could look.

COVID-19 Reopening Notification

Huge thanks to all the webmasters who have already placed the COVID-19 Reopening Notification on their website under the About drop-down menu! If you have not already done so, please be sure to check for an email from Kellie Feramisco sent on Thursday, October 29 with the subject line "Webmaster Action Required: Add Reopening Document to School Sites" for instructions on how to make this update in just a couple minutes. (If you did not receive that email, please let Kellie know and she will get it to you!)

ADA Compliance Reports On The Way

Keep an eye out over the next week for ADA compliance reports being sent by Darren Grubel with the subject line "FW: eSchoolView ADA Scan - <date>." Most reports have a high number of errors detected, but don't worry! The majority are quick and easy fixes, and are outlined clearly in the reports. A few of the most common errors and steps for fixing them are listed below, but as always, please feel free to reach out to us with questions.
1. Contrast Errors
These occur when there is not enough of a contrast between a background color and a text color, causing potentially difficulty in reading text on the website, especially for vision-impaired individuals. Since most of these errors are template-related and out of our control, you can ignore these errors. 
2. Missing Alternative Text (Required)
These occur when an image has not been given an alternative text label. Most frequently, these are associated with staff photos on the Our Staff page. It is mandatory to fix these errors. To fix, you can either label all photos with the alternative text of "staff photo" or another vague description, or you can label them with the staff member's name (e.g. "Staff photo of Darren Grubel").  The alternative text is added by:

1. Going into the page component
2. Scrolling to the Embedded Image section
3. Adding a description of the photo after "Required Image Alternative Text:"

(See screenshot below)

3. Empty Link (Required)
Empty link errors occur when a link contains no text. It is mandatory to fix these errors. Sometimes this may have been intentionally (e.g. if a link it attached to an image instead of text), but it is worth double-checking to confirm.

Need to Add a Webmaster?

If you have a webmaster change or need to add another staff member to be able to edit the athletics pages or counseling, etc., please have your principal fill out the form below. It is important that we have a paper trail in regards to whom has access to edit the sites.
Website Access Request Form - for Principals >>

For questions or help:
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