The Power of Images

March 2019


This is a resource for CMS tips and tricks, monthly website goals, great examples and functionality updates! Our mission is to set you up for success so that webmastering your school’s website becomes not only more fluid, but also a great branding tool for your school!
I have spent the last 2 months visiting your school sites to follow up on the audit, answer questions, and see you face to face! Thank you for making time for me to sit with you and discuss these points with you. Below, I have listed a best practice to focus on this month and any updates that may affect you. As always, please feel free to call or email any time!

Leslie Ashford

What do images do for your website?

  • Grabs the users' attention
  • Communicates your school's brand, goals and pride
  • Provides warmth and personality

  Homepage Slider Images  

Homepage News
Check out Granite Ridge & Clovis Elem!

Tutorial: Homepage Slider >>

  • Add a thumbnail image for each news posting (mandatory if intermediate or high school).

Tutorial: News Articles >>

Single Images
Check out Weldon Elem Buchanan!

Staff Pages
See Nelson Elementary!

You can upload a single image using 3 different methods:
  1. Embed the image in a Text Window component, located below the text box.
  2. Upload the image into a Text Window component's text box using the image icon in the toolbar.
  3. Add a single image to a Photo Gallary component.
  • Obtain your staff photos from Larson Brothers.
  • Upload them into your staff list grid by clicking the picture icon in the tool area of your text component and upload from your computer!
  • Change the width px to 100-150 and the height will change for you.

Tutorial: Uploading Photos or Photo Galleries >>

Photo Galleries
See Tarpey Elem & Cedarwood Elem!

  •  This is my favorite way to spice up a page!   You can choose a traditional slideshow style that rotates through images OR you can change the setting to a grid style. 
  • Photo Gallaries can also be used for PDFs. The page looks more appealing seeing the actual documents and allows for less clicks to get the information needed. Just ensure the PDF/RTF files are on the page as well for compliance! For a great example, check out Maple Creek Elementary
  • Don't have the most current Adobe Acrobat to convert PDFs into images? Call Technology to install it!

Tutorial: Uploading Photos or Photo Galleries >>
Tutorial: Converting PDFs to Images >>


Sound like a lot of images to find? Start slow.

Set a goal to focus on your homepage and then move page by page through the rest of your site.

  • Clipart / Google Images:  find images available for re-use by going to Google Images > Tools > Usage > Labeled for Reuse 
  • Reach out to your teacher, faculty and parent communities  to send you photos of things happening on compass or at school events! Have them send you the highest resolution photos they have via email (texting will compress the quality of the images)
  • Utilize our district photographer’s photos!  Ron Webb takes breathtaking photos all around the district. Albums from this current school year can be found HERE and VAPA photos here! **These are for district use only.
  • Try to avoid images of students that aren't yours.

  Image Policy  
What photos am I allowed to put on my website?

  1. Group pictures without identification of individual students are permitted without parent approval.
  2. If parents have provided permission: 
    • Use limited student identification  (first name and last initial or first name only)
    • Student work may be posted with the limited student identification.
    • Parents can approve to have full name posted for school awards etc.


Slider Update

You need to:
  1. Delete ALL slider images at one time.
  2. Use this time to update them with new images.
The new upload will trigger the system to resize the photo properly no matter the browser size, making it dynamic. Don’t forget to crop your image when you upload by dragging over the photo and keep the focus of the photo in the center.

Tutorial: Homepage Sliders >>

Error messages when uploading PDFs?

It means that there is a period in your file name and the system does not like these.
Find the file on your computer and change its name to something without a period (.) Re-upload that file to your Downloads component and it should work!

RTF Update

When adding a PDF document to a Downloads component, the RTF checkbox is now auto-checked!

YES, you do have to keep these on your page.
  1. News Components on your homepage now have the ability to auto add RTFs to your PDFs when they are loaded to the “attachments” tab. To add attachments to your news article, simply create and save the article and then go back into it and the tab will appear next to the images tab. This keps news article PDFs compliant.
  2. We are working with our developers to allow us to post a PDF and RTF with a single title (so you don’t see the double titles in a list). We will keep you posted as our conversation continues.

Tutorial: PDFs >>


If a threatening emergency takes place on your campus, such as a lock down, the Communications Department will be a part of the response team here at the DO. We will await the official messaging between the Communication's office and school leadership and will post it on the website and app. You are not responsible for posting anything on your website.
If you are asked, please make sure we have been contacted. The emergency messaging should be posted within 20 minutes of the incident.

If there is information you want parents to get right away (such as all sports being canceled, etc) use an alert icon that will tip parents that this post concerns them. Use this same icon each time to train them that this information is important and make sure it is taken off the site when no longer relevant. Feel free to use the one attached.

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117