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Take-Aways & FAQs

April 2021

Happy April! We took a month off from the Web-Wise newsletter since we recently finished school site website audit meetings and are almost done with department audit meetings. Everyone has done an AMAZING job making the recommended updates, and it's been a pleasure meeting you all "face-to-face" over Zoom!

This issue will summarize some of the key take-aways (what you told us is working well and what you would like additional support with) and address many of the Frequently Asked Questions that came up during the website audit review meetings with School Webmasters. (Department Webmasters - Many of these are relevant to you as well, so be sure to take a look!)

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Darren Grubel & Kellie Feramisco
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to some of the most common questions and requests that arose during our meetings, which will hopefully make your lives a little easier!
Q: What do I do with my ADA report?
A: The ADA report identifies Errors and Alerts on your website. We are primarily concerned with addressing the Total Errors. (Total Alerts are next level best practices, but are not required to be fixed.) Use the report to identify the pages on which errors are located, and the type of errors. Then use the Wave Tool to find the error(s) on the page. A full tutorial, including how to fix the most common errors is below (and on the Webmaster Training page).
ADA Compliance Report Tutorial >>
Q: Can I run my own ADA report?
A: Unfortunately no. The ADA reports are sent to our team once a month, which we in turn will forward to you. However, if you want to proactively check compliance of a specific page on your website, you can use the Wave Tool anytime! (Wave Tool details in ADA Compliance Report Tutorial.)
Q: What are the best dimensions for news item thumbnails? What about banners?
A: We have created a NEW image cheat sheet as a quick reference, which also links to our existing image tutorials and templates for building your own news item and banner images.
Image Sizes Cheat Sheet >>
Q: Is there a quick way to create thumbnail images?
A: Yes! Images can be made quickly using the templates linked to from the Image Sizes Cheat Sheet. is also a great tool and has a free subscription level. After creating an account, click "Create a Design" and then the "Custom size" button at the bottom, and use the corresponding dimensions from the Image Sizes Cheat Sheet. 
Q: Is there a way to create a page in advance without pushing it live (eg. for upcoming events/registrations/etc.)?
A: Yes! There are just a couple boxes that need to be unchecked in the page settings to hide the page until you're ready for it to go live. Check out the NEW "Creating a Hidden Page" tutorial below.
Creating a Hidden Page Tutorial >>
Q: Can I hide just a specific component of a page?
A: Yes! For a text component, simply use the Expiration Date field in the Text Window Options section of the component (see image below). Details on hiding other component types (as well as another recap on hiding pages) can also be found in the "Archiving Pages & Components" tutorial below.
Archiving Pages & Components Tutorial >>
Q: File uploads can be glitchy. How can I make sure my files upload seamlessly?
A: eSchoolView is aware of this issue. To be on the safe side, take out all punctuation from your file names. Letters and numbers are ok, but any other symbols might hinder uploads.

Q: Can webmasters access Google Analytics for their sites?
A: At this time, we are unable to designate Analytics access to webmasters. However, if you're interested in reviewing your website analytics, please reach out to us and we can schedule a call to walk through your data!
Q. The Webmaster Training page is super helpful, but can be hard to find. Can it be added elsewhere?
A: Sure! We have added a link for Training Services on our Communications Department page under About Digital Communications. The Webmaster Training page is also always accessible on the Digital Communications Training Portal under Employees > Employee Training from the main district website. Please feel free to bookmark in your browser for quick, easy access too!

What's Working Well for Webmasters

  • Online Resources: Tutorials (in both PDF & video) and training recordings
  • Monthly Newsletter: Sharing best practices and examples and how-to's from other schools, latest updates and tutorials.
  • ADA compliance reports
  • Responsiveness of and detail of responses from Digital Communications Team
  • District-level pushes to websites when possible (and letting webmasters know when that happens)
  • Live trainings: Very appreciated for those who can attend via Zoom. Include recordings on website for those who cannot attend.
  • eSV Share: Regular, ongoing trainings
  • Instant Connect: Regular, ongoing trainings

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9093
(559) 327-9030