Prepping for the Web Audit
October 2019

  Website Audits are Approaching!   

It'll be here before you know it! If you're new to webmastering, I conduct a fall website audit each year so we can hone our website skills, requirements and best practicies, all before the second semester. 

How does this work? I will take time to go through every page on your website and check to see that we are utilizing our websites to their highest potential! I will send feedback on any areas in need of growth as well as some noteworthy elements!

When will the audit take place? I will begin formally auditing in about 3 weeks,   October 25th!   I will take a few weeks to conduct the audit and compile feedback. After you've received your feedback, you will have until the end of the semester to make the suggested changes. When we return from winter vacation, I will follow up with you by scheduling a site visit!

Please know how much I appreciate your dedication to our websites and all you do to maintain them. The audit process is a chance for us to get to know your website even more and get them set up for success before ending the semester. This is not a pass or fail process. It is a way to touch bases, provide updates and feedback!

 Please see below for the specific areas I'll be looking for and take time to update your sites by October 25th!
Leslie Ashford

                          How to Prepare:                        


  Homepage Slider:  
  • Photos need to be high quality. Refrain from using photos that were sent to you via text. Emailing photos will keep the photo integrity.
  • Photos cannot be of a single student, but groups are okay. Please review the guidelines for the board policy in the button below.
  • Stick to having 4-6 photos. Only 1 of these photos should be of your school campus or a building.
  • Are your photos updated? Make sure they do not appear to be outdated or in the wrong season.
Photo Policy >>
  News Articles:  
  • You must have a minimum of 3 articles at all times.
  • Subheaders are required for all news stories.
  • Check that your Read More button always leads to more information rather than a blank page. Please make sure you have content in the Article Text section or remember to uncheck the Read More button if not needed.
  • Thumbnails must be present for all news stories in the Thumbnail section, not the Subheader. Photos must be jpgs with no spaces or punctuation in the file's name on your computer or else it will error when uploading it to your article.
  • PDFs should be uploaded in the Attachments tab, NOT the Article Text section. If you have a flier jpg with text on it, please make sure you either have the same text represented in the article text OR have the PDF version to remain ADA compliant.
News Article Tutorial >>
News Thumbnails >>
  • Make sure your calendar is synced. If you are finding incorrect dates/times on your app or website, first trying syncing it! If the issue persists, please contact me.
  • You are required to use the SchoolDude Calendar so that events appear on your website and app. Make sure you always have events on your calendar. Please contact the person at your school site in charge of schooldude or Cheryl Cross for more questions. **If your calendar is blank on the website, it is also blank on the app!
Syncing your Calendar >>
  Homepage Links:  
  • You have control over the Parent Links/Popular Links lists. Make sure these work and go to the desired locations.Adjust them to your liking.

Links & PDFs

  • Links can be added in a text component as a hyperlink or a link component.
  • Any link leaving your school's website (ex: Nutrislice) must open window in new tab. For Hyperlinks: change Target to New Window, for Links Components: check the box to pen in new window.
  • Hyperlinks should NOT show the messy URL (ex: https://googlesheets/d/1). These can be long and messy. Instead, name the hyperlink (ex: Click HERE or Visit the Counseling Page >>)
  • Make sure your links do not go to the wrong page or to a broken page.
  • Make sure all RTF files exist for your PDFs.
  • PDF files MUST be added to a Downloads component, NOT in a text window component. If you need to add this component to your webpage, simply add a new component and change the type to Downloads.
  • All PDF files must have an RTF file with it. (These are auto created for you and usually appear under the PDF with the same title). These must be present for LEGAL reasons.
  • If an image of a flier or poster is present in a News Article or on an internal page, either a PDF and RTF version must also be present on the page (added to a downloads component or attachments section of news articles) OR the same text information must be present somewhere on that page (in a text window). These are LEGALITIES.
  • If you are worried about parents downloading the RTF file word document and adjusting any information, please place a disclaimer on the website stating that they will be held accountable for the most up to date PDF available on the website.
How to Add a PDF or Download File >>

Staff Page

  • I apologize that these staff pages have been so messy and frustrating to maintain. I have finally created a template for these that are super easy to read and navigate for parents!!
  • Our goal is to update our staff pages to this model by by the end of the semester! Please contact me for any questions or help.
Staff Page Tutorial & Template >>

Images & Page Content / Organization

  • An image should be present on almost every page. This warms up the page and makes it easier to digest. You can use a photo of students, your school, staff or clip art type images!
  • Please make sure your images are high quality. To adjust sizing, please view the tutorial below. 
  • My favorite component to add photos is a Photo Gallery!
Adding Images Tutorial >>
Folder of free icons / news thumbnails >>
  Page Content / Organization:  
  • Make sure your pages do not have out of date content and have enough content. Consider writing a brief description of the page's purpose or program.
  • NO BLANK PAGES. "Page under construction or coming soon" is not permitted.
  • Please add coaches/advisers for co-curriculars: Names & email addresses and titles if applicable.
  • Consider breaking up a long list of PDFs or links into columns by adding a new component and changing the column width (2 columns = 6/12 + 6/12, etc)
  • Check the font on each of your pages. If it looks different than another page, chances are, it's incorrect. Remember, when you copy any text from an email, a word doc or another website, etc., you MUST paste it in plain text to remove the existing formatting. This WILL remove any bold, italics, underline or hyperlinking and you will need to re-add these elements inside the text window.
  Specific Pages:  
  • CAPA - Intermediate & High Schools:  Add the CAPA >> link to an athletic resources type page or to your dropdown for Athletics/Co-Curriculars (Redirects Tutorial).
  • Title IX: Update your Title IX page! Please see Century Elementary >> as your example for content and PDFs/Links (Make sure you use your school's PDF, not Century's!) Feel free to add more, but this is the bare minimum.
  • Eligibility - Intermediate & High Schools! Update your Eligibility page under Athletics to match the Clovis High Eligibility page >> 
    • Don't have this page, create it by following the New Page/Mega Menu Tutorial below.
    • When you click on Edit Page for the Eligibility page, create these components below, including their columns and titles.
    • From their, copy the corresponding content.
Redirects Tutorial >>
New Page/Dropdown Menu Tutorial >>

Miss our last trainings?
  • The advanced training webinar video is on the training portal where you can learn how to  create new pages, add items to your dropdown, create redirects and buttons! Check out the section called Advanced Training Tutorials for PDF tutorials.
  • For new webmasters, begin with the basics PDF tutorial.

Does someone at your school need web access?

If you have a webmaster change or need to add another staff member to be able to edit the athletics pages or counseling, etc., please have your principal fill out the form below. It is important that we have a paper trail in regards to whom has access to edit the sites.
Website Access Request Form - for Principals >>

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117