Last updates of the year!

May 2019

                         BEFORE WE LEAVE                         

This is the final issue of Web-Wise for the 2018-19 school year! We've officially made it through the year of our new web launch and I couldn't be more proud of all we've accomplished together!

This issue is dedicated to the last housekeeping items and updates to make you aware of before your summer begins! Hope you're excited for your summers and get some much needed R & R!

Leslie Ashford

Will your school have a NEW webmaster next school year?

If you will not be joining us next year in the realms of webmastering, please have your principal complete the form available in the button below:
New Webmaster Form - for Principals

Summer Proof your Website!
Tutorial: News Articles >>

  • News items: See THIS DOCUMENT of content that I've gathered for you that you can use this summer!
    • Create posts ahead of time and utilize the post/expiration date tool.
  • Make sure you don't have any blank pages!
  • Get rid of outdated slider images!
See the Summer News Document HERE!

New News Article Thumbnails!

You may have noticed that the thumbnail photo upload area for your homepage news items has changed! Here's how to navigate it!
  • Make sure your thumbnail image is a retangle, NOT a square (this includes the canvas area).
    • To resize, use the NEW-News Article Thumbnails tutorial below and the _Template version!
  • Images are not uploaded when there are any spaces or punctuation in the file title on your computer. Change the name first before selecting for upload.
Template for Thumbnails located HERE >>


A new section of your website is being developed on your homepage! This section will be called UPDATES and content will come from your principal or the district office (me!).
  • Who has access to this app?
    • Principals, High School DPs, Area Superintendents and the Digital Communications Team. 
    • We are limmiting the app to these people only due to the power it holds. This should not get in the work flow or responsibilities you have for the website. It simply opens a door for principals whom may not have the training to post on the website, app, etc.
  • What else can eSVShare do?
    • eSVShare allows users to post to the UPDATES section of the website, the news section of the app, Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Connect (email, text, phone). All of these platforms are available inside a single phone app.

Title IX & Eligibility pages

I just met with Nichole Gambrell and the athletics office regarding the Title IX and Eligibility pages. You will receive an email and example layout page that you'll be able to copy information from this summer. If you are not touching your website during the vacation time (go you!), we will re-visit and do a hard push to roll these pages out in the fall!



Check out the FAQs!

I've created an Frequently Asked Questions section on the Webmaster webpage for you! If you have a question, feel free to use this as a resource. I will continue to update this as issue come up!

Student Store/Purchasing System in the Works:

We are looking into a purchasing system to integrate with our websites and host items from student stores to football game tickets. This is merely in the works and will be something we continue to discuss this summer. 

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117