Web Audits Update for School Sites & District Departments
February 2021

Happy February! This issue is again dedicated to website audits and a quick update from our team! Please see below.

SCHOOL SITE WEBMASTERS: CONGRATULATIONS on completing your audits and audit review meetings! You have done an incredible job making the needed updates -- your sites look amazing and have current, relevant content (especially the Return to Campus pages!) that are no doubt a very helpful resource for your communities. If you have not yet scheduled your review meeting, please reach out to me to get it on the calendar!

DEPARTMENT LEADERS & WEBMASTERS: It's your turn for the annual website audits! :-) Details and timeline are below in the newsletter. This is simply a time for us to review each departments web page to confirm content is current and accurate, and ensure each department (that wishes to have one) has a dedicated webmaster.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM UPDATE: Since July, Darren and I have been dividing and conquering the responsibilities of Leslie Ashford's previous role of Digital Media Specialist. As of December, I have officially transitioned into that role, and will be dedicated full-time to supporting you all! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you all and working with Darren to support your efforts however we can!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Darren Grubel & Kellie Feramisco
559-327-9030         559-327-9093

Department Website Audit Summary

Our team conducts an audit of each department's website annually to hone our website skills, best practices, and confirm site requirements are in place. We typically try to have this done prior to the second semester, but have pushed it back a bit this year given other urgent focuses due to COVID.

If you are receiving this newsletter, it is because you either:

1. Have been identified as the webmaster for your department who will be receiving the audit and making the requested updates


2. Are the leader of a department that does not yet have a dedicated webmaster, and can discuss when we send the audit report if you'd like to assign someone from your department to that role.

How does this work? We will look at every page within your department's section of the website to note areas of exceptional design/content, as well as areas in need of updates, with the goal of ensuring our websites are operating at their highest potential and are serving our community's greatest needs.

When will the audit take place? The department site audit timeline is as follows:
  • Feb. 10-26: Communications Team conducts Department website audits
  • Mar. 12: Department Webmasters have updates made based on audit
  • Mar. 15-26: Department Webmaster Audit Review meetings

We truly appreciate your dedication to your department pages and all you do to maintain them! Don't worry - this is not a pass or fail process! It is simply a chance for us to get to know your department sites better, help you set them up for success, and get feedback.

Please see below for the specific areas we'll be reviewing, and be on the lookout for your site-specific audit by February 26!

Department Website Audits Will Cover:

In order to keep department content as current and accurate as possible, we highly recommend that each department has a team member dedicated to be the department webmaster. At this time, some departments do and some do not. During our audit review, we will make note of whether or not we are aware of a department webmaster, and find out if there are any changes to that status.
As a general rule of thumb, any questions you receive on a regular basis from the community should be addressed on your department's web page. For example:
  • Does your department's page have up-to-date information about offerings or programs?
  • Is the content reflective of any impact the COVID pandemic has had on your department?
  • Are department staff and contact information clearly listed and discoverable?
All electronic and information technology, like websites, must be accessible to those with disabilities, like vision impairment and hearing loss. In order to ensure our CUSD websites and pages meet those requirements, we review pages to confirm that:
  • All images contain ALTERNATIVE TEXT
  • There are no EMPTY LINKS
Note: Our team receives a monthly report detailing any errors across, and will include any that are relevant to your department in the audit review, along with details on how to fix them. 
Where possible and appropriate, do your department pages use photos and visuals to help personalize and communicate the heart of your department? More info about photo policy and how to best utilize photos on your page can be found at the links below.
Photo Policy >>
Tutorial: Photos or Photo Galleries >>

For questions or help:
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