Getting Your Website Ready for Summer!

April 2019


Can you believe it's that time of year again? With the end of school approaching, I want to give you ample time to get your website set up so that you don't have to worry about it over summer!

With that, I cannot encourage you enough to take time to go through your pages and plan for what's to come, allowing you to take a much earned break from worrying about the site later on! Check out the tips I've layed out for you to consider before the summer break in the content below.

Leslie Ashford

Important Opportunity:

Please join me on May 8th for an open lab for any help on getting your website ready for summer! Click the button below to register.

When: Wednesday, May 8
Where: Technology Lab @ the District Office
Time: 2-5pm; stop by at any time!
Upcoming Open Lab - Register!

Making your site summer proof:

Slider Images
Tutorial: Homepage Slider >>

  • Make sure you have 4-6 slider images of fun student or staff photos! Avoid having more than one image of your campus/facilities.
  • Remove any images that contain outdated content or photos.
    • This includes the Better Together We're Celebrating banner (we're about to have a new theme) or any other informational banners.
  • Remember: you can use group photos as long as names are not identified!
View the full Board Policy HERE

Update / Prepare School News
Tutorial: News Articles >>

Expiration Dates

Planning Posts

  • Make sure all posts that will become outdated at some point during the summer have a set expiration date so they aren’t up all summer.
    • This includes removing the CE area Boundary Study posts (CE Elementary Schools only).
  • Remember: the website news sends directly to the app!
  • See THIS DOCUMENT of content that I've gathered for you that you can use this summer!
  • Create posts ahead of time and utilize the post/expiration date tool.
  • Examples:
    • Summer Meals
    • Summer Facilities that are Open/Closed
    • Upcoming Classroom Suply Lists
    • Advertise the App!
    • Introduce New Teachers/Staff Members
See the Summer News Document HERE!

Internal Pages

  •  Check for blank pages!  Either create/find content for this page or request that it be deleted because it is not relevant to your school (subject to approval)
    • Avoid "Content Coming Soon"
  • Pay special attention to these pages as they are most likely to be viewed during the summer:
    • About ____ School
    • Principal's Message
    • Bell Schedule (you may get a new one to update in August, but make sure the most up to date one is present.
    • Volunteer Pages
    • Supply Lists or Reading Lists (if applicable)
    • While Athletics and Co-Curricular advisors or coaches might be changing, make sure there is up to date information and a solid description and photos on these pages.


Title IX & Eligibility pages

You may be contacted by Nichole Gambrell from the District Office with content for your Title IX or Eligibility pages regarding athletics. She will send out all copy, PDFs or links that are legally required to be present on that page. Look out for her email.

Error messages when uploading PDFs?

It means that there is a period in your file name and the system does not like these.
Find the file on your computer and change its name to something without a period (.) Re-upload that file to your Downloads component and it should work!

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117