Web Audit Recap
November + December 2019

Congratulations! We've made it through the 2019 Fall Website Audit! Time has very much flown by this semester. In this issue, I'll highlight a few of the common trends I saw when auditing your sites as well as some shout-outs to noteworthy webpages! There are a few updates to keep up with as well.

Hope you're enjoying this holiday season. I know that I am so thankful to you all for your hard work, passion and friendship.
Leslie Ashford

                          COMMON TRENDS:                         

Homepage Improvements!

  Areas to Celebrate:  
MAJOR improvements from last year on the homepage! This includes:
  • Slider images
  • News articles and thumbnail photo
Keep it up! Want more photos of your students/events? Click below to see the 2019-20 Zenfolio photos!
Zenfolio Photos >>
Photo Policy >>

ADA Compliance with Images + PDFs

  Areas to Celebrate:  
  • This was FAR less of an issue than the year prior!
  • For the most part, we are remembering to make sure ALL PDF documents have RTFs with them.
  Areas to Improve:  
  • Remember that a PDF attachment should NOT be placed in a Text Window component. These documents need to be added to a Downloads component so that an RTF can be added.
  • I love when we can actually see the PDF document on the webpage so that it prevents less clicks and allows users to get the information quickly. However, when you add an image (.jpg or .jpeg) of words (posters, fliers, PE or Bell schedules, etc), those words are no longer recognized by software that can read text outloud to someone with a vision impairment. Basically, if you can’t double click to highlight the words in the picture like you can in a PDF, it is impossible for someone with a vision impairment to click and have it read to them because the computer won’t recognize it as words.
    • To make this ADA compliant, simply add the image to a text window or photo gallery component. Then, add a Downloads component to add your PDF of that same file (which will also add the RTF).
How to Add a PDF or Download File Tutorial >>

Staff Pages

I saw a lot of progress of our staff pages! If you haven't already, please view the example and tutorials on how to improve your staff pages below!
BHS Staff page >>
BHS Counseling page >>
Staff Page Tutorial & Template >>

Images & Page Content / Organization

  Areas to Celebrate:  
  • We have improved so much on using images throughout our websites!
  • There were hardly any blank pages!
  • Pages are organized and easy to find information on!
  Areas to Improve:  
  • Remember that while photos may not be relevant on all pages, any student activities should have student photos that illustrate the activity or the team.
  • If photos are too large in the photo gallery component, click "Edit Page" in the very top bar (with your name). Then adjust the number of columns the photo will take up. 
    • 12/12 = Full width of web page
    • 6/12 = Half the width of web page
  • Make sure each of your pages have purpose either by providing content, coaches or advisers, a description or answers the questions one might have about the topic of this page. Make sure the content isn't the generic district content, but is specific to your school or program!
  • Title IX: Make sure your Title IX PDFs are up to date and are titled with the Roman Numerals instead of the number 9. Example: Century Elementary >> or CHS >>
  • IDAC: These pages were created over the summer by your principal! Please work with your principal to ensure there are no more placeholders and the content is present.
  • Eligibility (High Schools/Middle School): Please copy the content on Clovis High Eligibility page >>
    • To create the drop downs, go to the "Text Window Options" area at the bottom of a Text Window component.
    • Check the "Make window collapsible" box.



Your homepage sliders have been updated! If your crop looks odd, please go into the slider editor and re-crop the image!

Using Spacers

When we're logged into our sites and see the black bars, it can be hard to see if the page is properly spaced out. When the average user sees your page, does it look like your components are squished too close together? Consider using spacers!
  • Add a new component - Text Window - Internal Name: Spacer
  • Go into the compo net and press the "enter" or "return" in the body area. 
  • Place the spacer in between any two components to give them a little breathing room!
  • Give it a try and let me know if you're in need of assistance! Tutorial to come soon.

Does someone at your school need web access?

If you have a webmaster change or need to add another staff member to be able to edit the athletics pages or counseling, etc., please have your principal fill out the form below. It is important that we have a paper trail in regards to whom has access to edit the sites.
Website Access Request Form - for Principals >>

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117